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Alaska trail would link city, wilderness — if it can survive red tape

The Long Trail is a rare bipartisan initiative beloved by both environmentalists searching for sustainable recreation and conservatives hoping for tourist money. Yet it still faces the major foes of all modern ideas: red tape…


Kyiv urges residents to quit driving, save gas for troops amid energy crunch

Even as Ukraine struggles with long lines at gas stations, the European Union has paid Russia billions for energy goods since the start of the war. …


Bedlam at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport after family packs unexploded shell

There was no explosion, but a 32-year-old man was hospitalized for injuries he received when he tried to run along a luggage conveyor belt …


Analysis | Biden’s Energy and Interior chiefs hit the Hill. Here’s what to know.

Yesterday featured a flurry of activity on climate and energy policy on Capitol Hill, with at least four hearings and news conferences scheduled around the same time. …


Cracks emerge in Russian elite as tycoons start to bemoan invasion

Oligarchs and financial officials are alarmed over the economic toll it’s taking and feel powerless to influence Putin. …


Russians twice targeted Zelensky compound with attacks, Ukraine says

The Ukrainian president was told that Russian strike teams were sent to Kyiv to kill or capture him and his family at the start of the invasion, Time magazine reported. …


Ukraine names 10 Russians it accuses of war crimes in Bucha

The war crimes suspects are relatively low-ranking service members who Ukraine said have been deployed to the bloody eastern battlefront. …