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State-by-State: Climate Change in Washington

Washington is vulnerable to increased heat, ocean acidification, increased wildfire risk and sea level rise


Air & Climate

Washington faces serious impacts to its snowpack, infrastructure, and water supplies as the climate changes and temperatures climb. Protecting our state’s fish, farms, and communities from the impacts of climate change is a priority for Ecology. To take meaningful steps toward addressing climate change, states, cities, counties, and private businesses and organizations need to collaborate to find solutions.


Climate and Health in Washington State

At the Washington State Department of Health, we’re working with partners to reduce and respond to the effects of climate change on people’s health. The information below describes how climate change can have an impact on our health. Taking action today can help protect our children and future generations from the effects of climate change.


2019 Biennial Energy Report

The 2019 Biennial Energy Report provides the governor and legislature an analysis of energy issues affecting Washington citizens and businesses, along with an update on recommendations made in the last state energy strategy. At this point, the most recent state energy strategy is from 2011. The report also includes a review of statistical indicators the Department of Commerce has tracked in monitoring this sector of the state’s economy.