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Washington state hits the brakes on landmark gas ban

By David Iaconangelo

The delay raises questions about whether additional cities will stand by their efforts to wind down natural gas use in buildings after a key federal court ruling.


We’re About to See a Rare and Record-Setting May Heat Wave

By Andrea Thompson

It may still be spring, but baking summer heat is about to hit the famously comfortable Pacific Northwest and western Canada. Starting this weekend, the heat wave will send temperatures soaring 20 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit above average in some spots and potentially break records.


Even as he prepares to leave office, Jay Inslee is pushing for climate action

By Brady Dennis

In an interview, the Washington governor talks about his role helping to shape state and national climate policies and why his focus on slowing Earth’s warming is as much personal as professional….


New suite of climate laws continue path to 100% clean energy future

Washington’s path to 100% clean electricity by 2045 becomes clearer as Gov. Inslee and lawmakers celebrate achievements of this year’s legislative session


Washington’s updated building codes seen as vital tool to fight climate change

By Lauren Ellenbecker

Updating building codes might just be one of Washington’s most promising tools in combating climate change.


How a small island got world’s highest court to take on climate justice

By Michael Birnbaum

The small Pacific island nation of Vanuatu won a major victory to advance international climate law Wednesday after it persuaded the U.N. General Assembly to ask the world’s highest international court to rule on the obligations of countries to address climate change.


Pink snow is alive in the Cascades, and it’s affected by climate change

By Jack Belcher

It’s not a trick of the light and you are not going crazy, pink snow does exist. In the spring and summer months, snow in Whatcom County’s mountains can turn pink.


USDA to spend $197 million to prepare for wildfires brought on by climate change

By Dinah Voyles Pulver

Federal officials announced $197 million in grants on Monday to help more than 100 communities and tribes across the nation become more resilient to wildfire.


WA First in Nation to Bring Climate-Change Education to Classrooms

By Eric Tegethoff

In science teacher Ali Coker’s sophomore biology class, students became farming activists attending a G7 summit. Coker wove in facts about food insecurity, and by the end of the week, her pupils were writing plans for local crops. The role play was all part of a lesson on food justice and the impacts of climate change on agriculture in the state of Washington, where Coker teaches at Camas High School.


WA’s first greenhouse-gas-allowance auction raises estimated $300 million

By Isabella Breda

Washington’s first auction of greenhouse-gas pollution allowances raised an estimated $300 million in a closely watched sale as companies, consumers and the Legislature get their first glimpse of the cost of emitting in the state.