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Heat Pump Heads Rejoice: Washington State Now Requires the More Efficient Systems

By Lauren Leffer Photo: Silas Stein , AP Images

Washington is now the first state in the country to mandate energy-efficient (and possibly fossil fuel-free) electric heat pumps, over traditional furnaces and water heaters. The rules apply in new commercial and multifamily residential buildings with four or more stories.


DNR Launches First-in-the-Nation Carbon Project, Protecting Forests and Creating Over a Million Carbon Offset Credits

Project will preserve 10,000 acres of Western Washington’s most ecologically valuable forests; generate millions of dollars in revenue for schools and counties throughout the state…


Inslee to sign Washington landfill emissions reduction bill

By Megan Quinn Photo: Aleksandr Gromov , Getty Images

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is scheduled to sign HB 1663 on Friday. The law would make methane emissions monitoring and capture requirements more strict at certain landfills in the state.


2,300 acres near Everett now under ‘Protection Zone’ for kelp, eelgrass

By Cody Miller

Washington state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is working to conserve a large area of habitat for kelp and eelgrass, a type of seagrass, near the mouth of the Snohomish River by establishing a “Protection Zone.”


British Columbia and Washington state aim to develop transboundary Nooksack flooding prevention and response initiative

By Washington Governor

British Columbia Premier John Horgan and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee are announcing further bilateral cooperation between B.C. and Washington state to build a sustained and ongoing transboundary initiative to address Nooksack River flooding prevention and response.
Their announcement follows months of high-level discussions after the catastrophic flood in November 2021 that displaced an estimated 500 people in Whatcom County, led to the evacuation of over 14,000 people in B.C., and resulted in billions of dollars in damage across B.C. Flooding in the Nooksack watershed has been a long-standing issue for residents, Tribes and First Nations, and government leaders.


Food Waste Is a Climate Change Solution Some Washington Republicans and Democrats Can Agree on

By Isabelle Kempe Photo: Jared Wenzelburger

Reducing food waste while helping food-insecure Washingtonians is a climate change solution that many of the state’s Democrats and Republicans can agree on, as illustrated by HB 1799, a bill that passed in the Legislature with bipartisan support last week.


Washington State Budgets $1.6 Million for Study and Removal of Toxic Lights

By Lulu Ramadan Photo: Steve Ringman

Washington state lawmakers are set to dedicate $1.5 million to removing toxic fluorescent lights from schools and another $125,000 to studying environmental hazards and creating new standards to protect students from exposure to harmful substances.


More than 50% of Washington experiencing moderate to exceptional drought

By Cody Miller

Following a general lack of precipitation in January and February, the current drought across the Pacific Northwest is likely going to intensify with severe impacts expected for some regions.


Q&A: Gov. Jay Inslee’s Thoughts on Countering Climate Change in the State of Washington and Beyond

By Ariel Gans Photo: John Moore , Getty Images

Last year, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, who ran an historic—if unsuccessful—climate-centered campaign for president in 2019, signed two major climate initiatives into law, as part of his state’s Climate Commitment Act.


Snow season in popular northern Washington region disappearing amid climate change, wildfires

By Chris Daniels

If the environment is the spine for the Methow Valley, it almost had its back broken in the past year. While it is still standing, the threat has made residents here start to think about an uncomfortable truth.