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Mapping Climate Grief, One Pixel at a Time

By Julian Lucas Photo: Yuts / Courtesy Raw Fury
Last year, the Tribeca Film Festival awarded its inaugural prize in game design to Norco, a point-and-click adventure set in a refinery town on the Mississippi River. Designed by a small collaborative, Geography of Robots,…

Drought, Fires, Floods, Mudslides and One Devastating Deep Freeze: The Images of 2021

Photo: Austin Anthony for The Washington Post via Getty Images
This year brought numerous weather disasters and countless opportunities to snap images of the power of nature.

Climate art creates social change

By Emilie Murphy
Artists have considered the natural world since prehistoric times. From early cave paintings to Flemish landscapes, from the Hudson River School to today, there has always been a relationship between nature and the arts.

Da Vinci Of Data Art: Glacier Scientist Uses Watercolors To Highlight Environmental Issues

By Jacob Wycoff Photo: Jill Pelto/@GlaciogenicArt
With every stroke of Jill Pelto’s brush, moments in time are captured before they literally melt away. She’s the Caravaggio of Climate Change and a Da Vinci of Data Art. Pelto is a glacier scientist…

Could the energy-hungry NFT undo the art world’s attempts to become more sustainable?

By Tom Seymour
In the old world of 2019, the Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report, the largest survey of its kind, asked galleries all over the world a question: what are the biggest and most…

Challenging the Art World’s Material Waste

By Tom Jeffreys
‘We are birds that do not kill.’ This declaration opened California-based artist Helen Mirra’s 2019 manifesto CATHARTES 19, setting out a series of principles and practices responding to concerns for climate collapse, plastic waste and…

Cities use art to combat extreme urban heat

By Kat Friedrich
As U.S. cities struggle to cope with scorching temperatures in urban heat zones that have been worsened by climate change, a Boston-based regional planning group is encouraging communities to use art in their cooling measures and…

Forest ecology, illustrations and jam sessions: How arts and science mix in Chris Gough’s lab

By Dina Weinstein Photo: Tom Kojcsich
Biology professor Chris Gough’s research papers are incomplete without the standard written explanations and graphs detailing his lab’s findings. To enhance the accessibility and broad comprehension of scientific papers conveying technical research on forest and wetland ecosystems, Gough involves…

Seeing climate change through art

The Jefferson Museum of Art and History will present an interdisciplinary exhibition that features the 47 consecutive years of Arctic research by ornithologist George Divoky.

A Landscape Architect’s Outdoor Artwork

By Lydialyle Gibson Photo: Konah Zebert
SCIENCE AND ART were tangled up together for Todd Gilens, M.L.A. ’02, ever since the childhood afternoons he spent at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. “My father had an office nearby,” Gilens recalls,…