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Moving to renewable energy is key to climate change

By Peter Sterling
A recent piece by anti-renewable energy crusader Annette Smith asks, “Is Electrifying Everything a Climate Solution?” For those of us concerned about the changing climate’s increasing number of floods, wildfires, hurricanes and record-breaking temperatures the…

The NIMBY Threat to Renewable Energy

By Jim Motavalli Photo: Tara Wray
THE WIND IS TOO FIERCE to hike any farther up the wooded ridge to the 15 wind turbines that make up the Deerfield Wind Farm. That, after all, is why they're here. Fifteen years in…

Commission denies Manchester solar array, approves Middlebury project

By Emma Cotton Photo: Emma Cotton , Vtdigger
The Public Utility Commission has split the difference on two large solar projects that have sparked interest and controversy in recent months, advancing one in Middlebury and rejecting another in Manchester.

Vermont AG takes on Exxon, Shell over climate change in new lawsuit

By Sebastien Malo Photo: Jim Young , Reuters
Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan sued Exxon Mobil Corp and the Shell Oil Co in Vermont state court on Tuesday, alleging the companies misled Vermonters for decades with marketing that conceals the contributions to climate…

Vermont Climate Council launches events to gather feedback for state Climate Action Plan

Vermont Business Magazine From hotter days to more frequent and intense storms, Vermont’s climate patterns are clearly shifting and impacting our state. This fall, state officials, local leaders and members of the Vermont Climate Council…

Morrisville salvage yard’s new solar array helps power the community

Vermont Business Magazine Encore Renewable Energy and VPPSA announced today the commissioning of a new 2.1 MW community solar array located at a former auto salvage yard. The project was developed as part of a…

Vermont to get $70,000 for solar projects from USDA

Vermont Business Magazine US Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced that the department is investing $464 million to build or improve renewable energy infrastructure(link is external) and to help rural communities, agricultural producers…

iSun acquires SunCommon for $40 million

Vermont Business Magazine iSun, Inc (NASDAQ: ISUN) and SolarCommunities Inc (dba/ SunCommon) announced today that they have entered into a definitive agreement pursuant to which a subsidiary of iSun will acquire SunCommon for $40 million, in cash and…

What part of the US is safest from climate change?

By Camille Squires Photo: Mike Segar , Reuters
The storms, floods, heat, and fires that have ravaged the US in 2021 have made the ongoing climate crisis feel especially acute for citizens across the country. And the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change…

Vermont digs in on incentives to boost geothermal heat pumps

By David Thill Photo: Erin Anderson , NREL
Vermont this summer launched an initiative to spur a challenging but potentially crucial market in the state’s decarbonization goals: ground-source heat pumps.