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An oil train is set to destroy pristine Utah mountains. Why won’t Biden stop it?

By Stephanie Mencimer Photo: Russel Albert Daniels , Mother Jones

In the journal from his legendary 1869 expedition down the Colorado River, explorer John Wesley Powell called the remote Tavaputs Plateau in Eastern Utah “one of the stupendous features of this country.” The one-armed Civil War hero marveled at the Wasatch Mountains soaring above the Uinta Basin, the canyons carved by the Green River thousands of feet below, and the Uinta Mountains to the north, where, he wrote, “among the forests are many beautiful parks.”


Utah’s Great Salt Lake Expected to Hit Record Low Levels Again This Year (PHOTOS)

By Nicole Bonaccorso Photo: Rick Bowmer , AP Photo

Great Salt Lake in Utah is projected to drop to a new record low this year, after hitting a record low last year. Political leaders are feeling the pressure to do what they can to save the lake, which is weaved into Utah’s economy and environment in countless ways.