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Industry group backs global carbon price for large ships

By Frank Jordans Photo: Seth Wenig , AP

 A major maritime industry association on Monday backed plans for a global surcharge on carbon emissions from shipping to help fund the sector’s shift toward climate-friendly fuels.


Electric Vessels Are Not Enough to Slash Shipping Emissions

By Eduardo Garcia Photo: Yara

An autonomous electric cargo ship is slated to make its maiden voyage this year, but the vessel represents just one baby step in the long road toward reducing shipping emissions.


In San Diego, an All-Electric Tugboat Eyes a 2023 Debut

By Sarah Lozanova

The first fully electric harbor tugboat will soon serve the Port of San Diego. Crowley Maritime Corporation will build and operate the tug, which will be operational by mid-2023. Instead of fuel, the eWolf will reportedly source its power from a 6 megawatt-hour battery bank which will be charged at a special shoreside charging station. The eWolf will replace a tugboat that consumes 30,000 gallons of diesel annually.


Shady Ships: Retail Giants Pollute Communities and Climate with Fossil-Fueled Ocean Shipping

By Madeline Rose Photo: Shea Irwin

Just fifteen companies are responsible for emitting millions of tons of pollution from importing their goods into the United States on fossil-fueled ships. Our report Shady Ships: Retail Giants Pollute Communities and Climate with Fossil-Fueled Ocean Shipping is the first study to quantify the environmental and public health impacts from some of the biggest American retailers’ reliance on overseas manufacturing and fossil-fueled, transoceanic shipping.


Panama Canal Tackles Climate-Change Puzzle: Too Little Rainwater or Too Much

By Santiago Perez

The Panama Canal faces a creeping threat from climate change, including droughts so intense that ships sometimes reduce their cargo so as not to run aground, and giant storms that almost overwhelm its dams and locks, canal officials say.