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Blix Launches an E-Bike Designed for Both On- and Off-Road Fun

By Sami Grover

When I recently rode Tern’s new Quick Haul e-bike, I couldn’t stop raving about the joys of practical bikes and accessories that are designed from the ground up for daily commutes and shopping trips, not messing about in lycra. And while Blix’s design approach and price points are somewhat different to Tern, this is the same reason I’ve enjoyed riding both the Blix Aveny e-bike and the Blix Packa Genie e-cargo bike.


The hottest electric vehicles at New York’s auto show have two wheels

By Maria Gallucci

A staggering number of electric vehicles are projected to hit roads worldwide this year as automakers launch new plug-in models and drivers ditch their oil-guzzling engines. But another mode of electrified transportation is booming and, in the United States, even outpacing sales of battery-powered cars: bicycles.


Electric Bike Sales Are Booming, Thanks to High Gas Prices

By Lloyd Alter Photo: Gazelle

Electric bike sales have been booming for a while, with a big boost from the pandemic; now we have a new e-bike spike because of high gas prices, as people switch to the more affordable electric vehicle. And why not? As David Zipper, visiting fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Taubman Center and contributor to Citylab, notes in his newsletter:


A booming two-wheeled Electric revolution

By David Beard Photo: Sven Simon , AP Images

So far, the U.S. government has handed out $10 billion in subsidies to purchase electric vehicles using tax credits.


Can an E-Cargo Bike Work as Your One and Only Bike?

By Sami Grover Photo: Sami Grover

When I wrote about my experiences with a Blix Packa Genie e-cargo bike, I mostly raved about my newfound ability to easily and conveniently haul heavy things around without really having to think about it or plan ahead. Thirty pounds of ice, a crate of beer, bags of groceries—they all just got plopped into the front carrier, strapped down, and off we went.


It’s an Easy Swytch to Turn Your Bike Into an E-Bike

By Lloyd Alter Photo: Lloyd Alter

In earlier coverage of the Swytch e-bike conversion kit, I found lots to love, concluding:”Not everyone can afford a fancy new e-bike; not everyone wants to part with the bike they already have. Swytch has built what looks like a really affordable and easy-to-use kit that works on almost any bike, a real step forward in the e-bike revolution.”


BMW Introduces E-Bike With 186-Mile Range, 37 MPH Speed

By Lloyd Alter

BMWs attract a certain kind of driver. We once quoted a Finnish study with a Treehugger-incorrect title that concluded the drivers of expensive cars are “argumentative, stubborn, disagreeable and unempathetic.”1


I Feel Like a Celebrity When I Ride My Electric Cargo Bike

By Katherine Martinko Photo: Katherine Martinko

I feel like a celebrity when I ride my electric cargo bike around my small, rural, touristy town in southwestern Ontario, Canada. People gape at intersections, roll down car windows, give thumbs up, and wave enthusiastically with big grins on their faces. It’s not uncommon to hear children shout from the sidewalk, “Your bike is so cool!” or to overhear them telling their parents that they want one, too.


Villas That Could Fix the Suburbs

By Lloyd Alter Photo: Anna O'Gorman

Many cities are suffering from a housing crisis. There is a shortage of supply of affordable units for young people and even for older people wanting to downsize but stay in their neighborhood. Meanwhile, there are vast subdivisions of suburban houses that are underutilized, taking up big properties that could do so much more.


The VAAST E/1 Is the Cadillac of E-Bikes

By Lloyd Alter

Decades ago, people often used the phrase “the Cadillac of X” to describe something as the highest quality. In the ’50s, one might see ads for “the Cadillac of chainsaws.” According to Ben Zimmer in the New York Times, it became a joke on the Simpsons—Krusty the Clown endorsed an SUV called the Canyonero as “the Cadillac of automobiles.”