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US reaches 140k public EV charging ports as key federal official says $90B infrastructure investment needed

By Robert Walton

About 140,000 public electric vehicle charging ports operate in the United States and government officials said Wednesday that number is expected to grow rapidly as billions of dollars in federal funding are used to build out a national charging network.


Demystifying electric car charging

By Joann Muller

Drivers typically know whether their car takes “regular” or “premium” gasoline. But when their fuel is electricity, filling up can be downright confounding.


Electrify America unveils its first application of megawatt-level energy storage

By Robin Whitlock

The megawatt-level energy storage system combined with a solar canopy goes a step further than Electrify America’s existing BESS in managing energy costs and reducing stress on the grid by acting as a buffer
to supplement power to charging stations when local utilities limit the amount of power a station can draw from the grid. This application leverages energy storage and solar as a ‘non-wires alternative’ in lieu of relying on additional utility ‘wired’ infrastructure (i.e. power lines) that may not be feasible. Such innovative approaches become critical to expand EV charging into more remote areas to reach more consumers where utilities may not be able to deliver the capacity needed to install or expand charging infrastructure.


Inside Pilot’s massive EV-charging initiative

By Brett Dworski

About 95% of U.S. fuel retailers surveyed said they’re currently offering or planning to offer EV charging stations, while 70% said they’re planning to expand their fuel network in the coming years, according to a 2022 study from Boston Consulting Group.


GM takes on Tesla, others; launches unit focused on energy storage, solar and vehicle-to-grid charging

By Dan Zukowski

General Motors will expand its commitment to electric vehicles with the creation of a new business unit called GM Energy, which will offer vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-grid charging, stationary battery storage, solar products, software applications and cloud management tools for retail and commercial customers, the company announced Tuesday.


The American EV boom is about to begin. Does the US have the power to charge it?

By John Surico

Speaking in front of a line of the latest electric vehicles (EVs) at this month’s North American International Auto Show, President Joe Biden declared: “The great American road trip is going to be fully electrified.”


Loop raises $60M to send EV charging infrastructure for a Loop

By Haje Jan Kamps

Electric cars are great and all, but internal combustion engines (ICE) have one thing going for them: comprehensive, well-oiled infrastructure that means you can add 300 miles of range to your car, in 5 minutes, at any of 65,000 or so gas stations. Compare that with the one-hour stop at only about 6,000 high-speed charging stations (1,900 or so of which are Tesla-only chargers), and it quickly becomes obvious why solving EV charging is one of the biggest challenges in the world of EVs. Loop just raised $60 million to solve part of that puzzle, offering turn-key EV charging station networks.


BP and Hertz to develop national EV charging network

By Brett Dworski

BP and Hertz have agreed to begin developing a national network of electric vehicle charging stations powered by BP pulse, BP’s global electrification and charging solution brand, according to a Wednesday announcement.


NY’s plan to install EV Charging stations approved

By Kayla Welytok

New York’s charging plan outlines how the state will expand its charging network throughout the state, using the funds provided by funding from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.
The state’s top priority is to place EV charging ports along NY’s Designated EV Corridors throughout the miles-wide spread of highways.


It’s common to charge electric vehicles at night. That will be a problem.

By Shannon Osaka

As electric vehicles hit the road around the country, hundreds of thousands of Americans are beginning to learn the ins and outs of car charging: how to install home chargers, where to find public charging stations, and how to avoid the dreaded “range anxiety.”