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Massachusetts needs at least 750,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2030. We are nowhere close.

By Sabrina Shankman and Taylor Dolven Photo: Ryan Huddle , Globe Staff

Back in 2014, state officials calculated the number of gas-burning cars they would need to get off the roads and replace with cleaner, greener options to meet climate goals.


As Gas Prices Went Up, So Did the Hunt for Electric Vehicles

By Maggie Astor Photo: Roger Kisby , The New York Times

Thinking about buying an electric car? You’re not alone.
With gas prices painfully high and a series of climate reports underscoring the urgency of moving away from burning fossil fuels, more Americans are expressing interest in electric vehicles.


EVs: The next grid battery for renewables?

By Peter Behr

The results of this experiment are making a potent point about the nation’s clean energy future, demonstrating vehicle-to-building power supply for controlling electricity costs and extending the reach of wind and solar power, according to David Slutzky, founder and chief executive of Fermata Energy, developer of the software that manages the power transfer.


Starbucks wants to become the gas station of the future for EVs

By Adele Peters

By 2030, there could be 26 million electric cars in the U.S., which means we’ll need more than 10 times as many EV chargers. Starbucks, with its 15,000 locations across the country, thinks that it could help fill part of the gap.


Sec. Pete Buttigieg on the future of electric cars in the U.S.

Sec. of Transportation Pete Buttigieg told 60 Minutes correspondent Anderson Cooper that his department is hoping to create a network of 500,000 electric car charging ports around the country.


Biden officials open doors for states to access EV charging money

By Ben Geman Illustration: Shoshana Gordon/Axios

The Biden administration is throwing open the doors for states to begin tapping $5 billion over five years from the bipartisan infrastructure law to expand electric vehicle charging on the nation’s highways.


Do we need roads that charge cars? Detroit thinks so

By Julian Spector

Electric car drivers in Detroit can soon boost their batteries just by driving down the right road. On Wednesday, Michigan state agencies awarded $1.9 million to Israeli startup Electreon to build a mile-long wireless charging strip. The chargers will lie under a street in Detroit’s Michigan Central district, an innovation hub for clean and autonomous mobility tech.


Connecticut launches charging program to support 500,000 EVs by 2030

By Robert Walton Photo: Getty Images

EV enthusiasts are excited about Connecticut’s charging program, but warn that utilities will need to explain the new incentives thoroughly in order to create more electric converts.


EV charging stations are annoying. Ford wants to fix them

By David Ferris Photo: Praetorianphoto , Istock

A man identifying himself as Matt F steered his electric Volvo to a charging plaza in North Platte, Neb. , last month to get a quick battery fill-up.At first everything was fine. Then something inexplicable happened. When the battery was less than halfway to full, the gusher of electrons dropped to a trickle. The plaza had eight outlets that should have delivered him power, but according to his app, all but two were offline.


The EV revolution’s next big roadblock: access to chargers

By Justine Calma Photo: Drew Angerer , Getty Images

Electric vehicles are set to play a critical role in our clean energy future, but in order for everyone to reap the benefits of EVs, they’ll need access to chargers.