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Electric vehicles could significantly increase demand on the power grid, trials underway to change energy use behaviour

By Kym Agius

Electric cars could increase demand on the power grid during the evening peak by at least 30 per cent unless households adopt smart charging, a new trial shows. Origin Energy has teamed up with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to understand ways to change the behaviour of electric car owners before their mass adoption in Australia.


Ford Picks Spain for Production of New Electric Vehicle

By William Boston Photo: Heino Kalis , Reuters

Ford Motor Co. will build a next generation of electric vehicles at its factory in Spain as the U.S. auto maker moves to drive down costs and prepare for a potential European ban on production of gas and diesel vehicles after 2035.Stuart Rowley, head of Ford of Europe, said the shift to electric cars would result in a significant reduction of the company’s workforce both at the Spanish plant in Valencia and at the German plant that was in the running to build the next EV model.


EVs Now Average Over $60,000 as Tesla, Rivian, Ford Raise Prices

By Keith Naughton Photo: Michael Nagle , Bloomberg

With gasoline prices in America topping $5 a gallon for the first time, the one vehicle that can alleviate pain at the pump — an electric car — is experiencing its own bout of runaway inflation.


Lightyear 0 solar-assisted car will go into production this year

By Tommy O' Callaghan

The company says the car will be able to drive around 388 miles without stopping to recharge, and will have an additional range of up to 44 miles a day from the solar panels. For comparison, that’s slightly more than a Tesla Model 3 (374 miles), and significantly more than the Kia Niro Long Range (285 miles).


NHTSA report shows Tesla Autopilot led the pack in crashes, but the data has gaps

By Mark Harris Photo: Scott Olson , Getty Images

On the face of it, data from the first year of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s project to track the safety of advanced driver assistance systems look terrible for Tesla. Its electric vehicles were involved in 70% of the reported crashes involving Level 2 technologies, 60% of those resulting in serious injuries and nearly 85% of the fatal ones.


Toyota enters energy storage market, launching residential battery product in Japan

By Elizabeth McCarthy Photo: Justin Sullivan , Getty Images

Toyota is launching a residential 5.5 kWh battery storage system, which uses the company’s electric vehicle battery technology, the company announced on June 2. The small system can power a home day and night when connected to a photovoltaic rooftop system, encouraging solar installations, according to Toyota.


Ford Mustang Mach-E Has Battery Problem That Could Immobilize the EV

By Laura Sky Brown

In the U.S., 48,924 Mach-E crossovers are affected, and Ford will fix the problem with an over-the-air software update. The automaker said it “has not issued instructions to stop driving vehicles under this safety recall.”


Five Car Makers Back Biden Decision To Allow California’s Stricter Auto Emissions

By Evan Symon Photo: Ron Ader , Shutterstock

Earlier this week, Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, Honda and Volvo announced that they would be backing President Joe Biden’s decision to allow California to set their own stricter emissions standards for vehicles despite ongoing challengers from some lawmakers and states in favor of a federal standard emissions system.


Tesla owners love their cars. Elon Musk? Not as much.

By Karen Heller Photo: Britta Pedersen , Getty Images

But when it comes to Tesla CEO, Space X commander, Twitter behemoth and wannabe overlord Elon Musk, the couple in Dayton, Ohio, diverges like a fork in the interstate.


The new Chevrolet Bolt will be the cheapest electric vehicle in the US Matt McFarland byline

By Matt McFarland

The Bolt’s price has fallen 27% from the 2020 model, which it sold for $36,620. GM’s electric vehicle push has been hampered by a recall of Bolt batteries, which led to supplier LG paying it $1.9 billion last year. A series of fires triggered the recall, which was among the most expensive ever on a per-vehicle basis.