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Rivian I.P.O. Is Embraced by Investors Looking for Another Tesla

By Peter Eavis and Neal E. Boudette Photo: Lyndon French , The New York Times
Rivian, an electric-vehicle maker that has been around for over a decade, finally got around to delivering a product this year — 156 pickup trucks — and nearly all went to its employees.

Elon Musk sells $5 billion in Tesla shares, partly to cover taxes on stock options.

By William P.Davis Photo : Aly Song , Reuters
Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla, disclosed on Wednesday that he had sold about $5 billion worth of Tesla shares, in part to cover his tax obligations after exercising options on a large tranche…

6 Automakers and 30 Countries Say They’ll Phase Out Gasoline Car Sales

By Brad Plumer and Hiroko Tabuchi Photo: Rebecca Cook/Reuters
Ford, G.M. and Mercedes agreed to work toward selling only zero-emissions vehicles by 2040. But Toyota, Volkswagen and Nissan-Renault did not join the pledge.

Tesla Value Tops $1 Trillion After Hertz Orders 100,000 Cars

By Neal E. Boudette and Niraj Chokshi Photo: Arnd Wiegmann , Reuters
Hertz said on Monday that it would convert more than 20 percent of its rental fleet to Tesla’s electric cars by the end of next year, an announcement that helped propel Tesla’s stock value beyond…

Where electric cars could help save coal

By Will Englund Photo: Dan Koeck for The Washington Post
Disdain for electric cars runs deep in this state. In the Bakken oil fields, which have brought enormous riches to North Dakota, workers fume at them on Facebook discussion groups, calling them “worthless” or worse.…

SuperTruck 3 Adds U.S. Muscle to Global Green Hydrogen Economy

By Tina Casey
Climate activists are rightfully disappointed in U.S. Senator Joe Manchin, who is supporting fossil energy instead of pushing for aggressive decarbonization. Nevertheless, it appears that Senator Manchin’s efforts will end in disappointment for fossil energy…

Toyota announces its first ‘beyond Zero’ electric vehicle

By Christian Spencer Photo: Getty Images
The "bZ" stands for "beyond Zero," the "4" refers to body size while the "X" infers body type of the SUV. The “beyond Zero” is a reference to zero emissions. “It's the next step in…

Toyota’s New bZ4X EV Features a Roof Solar Panel to Generate Electricity

By Marc Carter
It’s been seven years since Toyota has offered a fully electric vehicle (EV) in the United States and given the automaker’s heavy investments in hybrid vehicles, we’ve been waiting for a new Toyota EV. Next…

DOE Announces Nearly $200 Million to Reduce Emissions From Cars and Trucks

Vice President Kamala Harris will join U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm in New York today to announce the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded $199 million to fund 25 projects aimed at putting…

Uber Electrifying Its Ride Network With Up To 50,000 Of Hertz’s New Teslas

By Alan Ohnsman
Uber, which wants more of its drivers using zero-emissions vehicles, is partnering with Hertz to put up to half of the 100,000 Teslas the rental car company is buying from Elon Musk’s electric-automaker into operation…