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Everything in the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill

By Jonathan Ponciano Photo: AFP via Getty Images

President Joe Biden on Monday signed into law one of the largest infrastructure packages in U.S. history after months of bipartisan negotiations and tense political infighting, shoring up $1.2 trillion in funds, including $550 billion in new investments for the nation’s bridges, airports, waterways, public transit and more—here’s what you need to know about where the massive new spending will go.


Driving an Electric Car on Colorado’s Scenic Byways

By Elaine Glusac Photo: Benjamin Rasmussen

Unless you are one of the estimated seven percent of Americans who own an electric vehicle, it’s pretty hard to take a scenic, emissions-free road trip. But for those owners and other eco-conscious travelers who can rent an electric vehicle — and it’s not always easy to find one — Colorado is inviting you to meander far from the charging stations clustered in big cities.


Battling America’s ‘dirty secret’

By Sarah Kaplan Photo: Kaci Merriwether-Hawkins

Climate change raises the risk from failing sewage systems. So Catherine Coleman Flowers is working for a new way to deal with waste.


Metro agrees to solar power deal worth $50 million

By Justin George Photo by Nikki Kahn

Metro has sold 13 football fields’ worth of space at its parking lots and garages in the District and Prince George’s County for a solar power project worth up to $50 million over 25 years, the transit agency said Wednesday.


Local Transportation Wins in House Moving Forward Act

nfrastructure is as essential to cities and towns as American flags flying on July 4th. Before our Representatives in Congress came back home to their districts for the Independence Day break, the House passed the Moving Forward Act (H.R.2) with an extensive investment plan for roads, bridges, transit, water, broadband, workforce and financing opportunities for America’s infrastructure.


A Pivotal Moment for Sustainable Transportation

By Ann Shikany Photo by Brett Sayles

What our country chooses to invest in says a lot about who we are and where we’re going. The push for racial justice and the COVID-19 pandemic have intersected and revealed systemic inequity, unsustainability and calls for long-overdue solutions. That makes now a crucial time to invest in our infrastructure.



Solar canopy installations: bring shade and clean energy to your parking lot

By Sara Matasci

The financial and environmental benefits of solar are greater than ever, and companies looking to benefit can now install a solar canopy over their parking lots to share in the savings. Businesses across the country are building solar parking lots that provide shade for cars while simultaneously generating renewable energy – and they’re saving thousands of dollars on electricity bills in the process.


Parking Lot Science: Is Black Best?

By Julie Chao Photo by Roy Kaltschmidt

On those sweltering summer days—when it’s too hot to play at the playground, when it seems like you could fry an egg on the pavement, when your car feels like an oven after a couple hours parked at the mall—it’s not just the beating sun that’s driving up the temperature. It’s our very urban environment, in which most of our paved surfaces are dark, absorbing almost all of the sunlight that shines down on them.