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Attend Nationwide Rallies to Demand Climate Action

By Stefanie Sekich Quinn

The last time Surfrider activists gathered in the streets to demand decisionmakers take immediate action on the climate crisis was in September 2019. Then, COVID19 dominated the world, leaving climate activists held up inside and relegated to virtual advocacy. Now as the pandemic is slowing down, climate advocates are organizing rallies across the country to continue our plight for bold climate action. The main event is being held in Washington DC on April 23, 2022. However, other events are being organized across the U.S., find a location near you.


Fossil fuels v our future: young Montanans wage historic climate fight

By Ray Levy Uyeda Photo: Courtesy of Our Children’s Trust

When Grace Gibson-Snyder was 13, she launched an independent project in her home town of Missoula, Montana, to encourage restaurants not to use single-use plastic containers. She found that youth activism enabled her to press the adults in her life to take the climate crisis seriously. Even if she was too young to vote, she could still be heard.


Greta Thunberg to publish a ‘go-to source’ book on the climate crisis

By Lucy Knight Photo: Kim Jacobsen Penguin

“I have decided to use my platform to create a book based on the current best available science – a book that covers the climate, ecological and sustainability crises holistically”, Thunberg said in a statement. “Because the climate crisis is, of course, only a symptom of a much larger sustainability crisis. My hope is that this book might be some kind of go-to source for understanding these different, closely interconnected crises.”


‘What More Do We Need To Do To Win?’ A Controversial Climate Group Rethinks Its Strategy

By Molly Ball Photo: Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart , Time

The doctor couldn’t understand why Kidus Girma wouldn’t just eat the sandwich. It was October 2021, and Girma, 26, was starving. He hadn’t eaten anything solid in four days. His vision was blurred, his heart rate was elevated, and his blood-glucose levels were becoming potentially deadly.


Students at top universities file legal complaints to compel divestment

By Susan Svrluga Photo: Anjali Chanda/The (Vanderbilt) Hustler

For years, they tried to convince universities that investing in fossil fuels was immoral. Now they’re telling them it’s illegal.


Climate change activists look to increase voter turnout in 2022 and beyond

By Ben Adler Photo: Scott Eisen/Getty Images

When engineering geologist Betsy Mathieson, 66, thought about her retirement, she imagined putting her scientific expertise to use by volunteering for an environmentalist organization like the Sierra Club. But when the U.S. elected climate change denier Donald Trump president in 2016, she decided to retire early to volunteer on increasing voter turnout.


The People Most Impacted by Climate Change Are Ready to Fuck Shit Up

By Angely Mercado Photo: Tayfun Coskun

Surprise, surprise, the people who are the most affected by the climate crisis in the U.S. are the ones who are more likely to put their bodies on the line to change bad climate policy.


How to Save the World: Everything You Need to Know About Climate Activism

By Olivia Rosane Photo: Kevin Dietsch , Getty Images

Climate activism is what happens when people from all over the world come together to put pressure on national and business leaders to take action to safeguard a liveable future. Solving the climate crisis requires making rapid social and technological change for which “there is no documented historic precedent,” as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) put it.


University of Michigan students demand systemwide change in climate strike protest

By Martin Slagter

University of Michigan students walked out of class Friday to make their voices heard about the need for local, state and federal climate action.

Around 150 students gathered Friday, Oct. 22, on the UM Diag, before marching on central campus to make their voices heard about the need for immediate action, including divesting from fossil fuels and setting target dates for carbon neutrality.


The Left’s environmental activism is counterproductive

By Stephen Perkins

Recently, a Washington, D.C.-based chapter of Extinction Rebellion made headlines when its activists dumped a house-like structure in the Potomac River with a banner that read, “It’s do or die.” It was a political statement about the need to fight climate change made via littering, something that directly harms the environment.