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The Texas group waging a national crusade against climate action

By David Gelles Photo: Montinique Monroe

The Texas Public Policy Foundation is shaping laws, running influence campaigns and taking legal action in a bid to promote fossil fuels….


Texas Would Profit From Biden’s Climate Bill — But Politicians Prefer ‘Cheap, Plentiful’ Fossil Fuels

By Elliott Woods Photo: Dave MacVean

Passage of the Inflation Reduction Act — hailed by environmentalists as the most ambitious climate legislation ever enacted — might seem like a slap in the face to a state like Texas where pumpjacks and drilling rigs have long since replaced Stetsons and Longhorns as symbols of its economic muscle. The Lone Star state is a snarl of pipelines and production facilities with knots of refineries and chemical depots and canals carved into the coastline to connect tank farms to oil tankers. But few Americans realize that hidden behind the image of gas flares and Texas tea is the reality that the state has also built the largest wind and solar grid in the United States. As such, Texas is positioned to reap a huge windfall in federal tax credits, grants and rebates under the energy and climate provisions of the IRA which total roughly $370 billion.


Beset by Drought, a West Texas Farmer Loses His Cotton Crop and Fears a Hotter and Drier Future State Water Planners Aren’t Considering

By Autumn Jones Photo: Christian Roper

Climate change is helping fuel the drought, but the state’s political leaders won’t take global warming into account in their water management. “Climate change has become politicized,” says Texas State Climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon.


Rising seas could swallow millions of U.S. acres within decades

By Brady Dennis Photo: AP

New research finds an estimated 25,000 properties in Louisiana could slip below tidal boundary lines by 2050. Florida, Texas and North Carolina also face profound economic risks.


“It’s destroying me”: Storm after storm, climate change increases strain on Texans’ mental health

By Erin Douglas Photo: Kylie Cooper, The Texas Tribune

Tens of thousands of coastal Texas residents have survived repeated extreme weather events including Hurricane Harvey. For many, it has taken an emotional toll, and researchers warn that climate change could be “catastrophic” for our mental health.


$14 million air pollution fine for Exxon’s Baytown refinery stands

By Clark Mindock Photo: REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi

ExxonMobil Corp must pay a $14.25 million fine over air pollution at its Baytown, Texas crude oil refinery, a federal appeals court affirmed Tuesday. It is the largest penalty ever assessed in a citizen enforcement suit over air pollution, say the plaintiffs’ lawyers.


Historic drought reveals dinosaur tracks in Texas riverbed

Volunteers were able to map the imprints of new dinosaur tracks revealed by a historic drought at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas.


“He has total veto power”: Greg Abbott takes control over who will lead Texas’ troubled power grid, sources say

By Mitchell Ferman Photo: Lauren Witte, The Texas Tribune

Locked in a potentially tight reelection race and facing criticism over the grid’s 2021 collapse, the governor is exerting unprecedented influence over what the state grid operator shares with the public — and who will be its next CEO.


Concerns grow over Texas power grid as temperatures rise

By Isa Gutierrez

As Texas sees record-breaking high temperatures across multiple areas this summer, there are renewed concerns over the state’s power grid system. NBC News’ Isa Gutiérrez has more including how Texans were asked twice to cut back on energy use during peak hours to avoid blackouts.