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Tennessee’s 10 Biggest Climate Polluters

By Carolene Eggers
The United Nations’ latest report on climate change says planetary warming has caused widespread and rapid changes to Earth’s oceans, ice and land surface. The continued rise in global temperatures caused by the burning of fossil fuels…

Enthusiasm for cycling soared in Memphis during the pandemic, shows little sign of slowing

By Lucas Finton Photo: Lucas Finton
Many Memphians who started putting their feet to the pedals during the early parts of the pandemic might have picked up a long-lasting hobby. During much of the last year, heightened demand for bicycles led many local shops…

New Tennessee solar farm to provide Facebook data center with 110MW of renewable energy

By Dan Swinhoe
A new $140 million solar farm in Shelby County, Tennessee is to power Facebook’s data center in the state. The Tennessee Valley Authority this week announced a partnership with Facebook and energy company RWE Renewables…

Kerry aims to talk US back into a lead role in climate fight

By Ellen Knickmeyer Photo by Patrick Semansky
From a wood-paneled library in his Boston mansion, new climate envoy John Kerry is talking the U.S. back into a leading role in global climate action, making clear the nation isn't just revving up its…

Mayor John Cooper, Sustainability Experts Meet on Carbon Emissions Reduction

By Andrea Fanta
Mayor John Cooper today met with experts about reducing harmful carbon emissions in Nashville, a latest step in his work to make Davidson County’s neighborhoods cleaner, more livable and more climate-change resilient.

Sierra Club releases report grading utilities on their clean energy efforts

By Jeff Della Rosa
Environmental group Sierra Club released Monday (Jan. 25) a report and research tool that grades U.S. utilities based on their plans to retire coal plants, stop building natural gas plants and invest in renewable energy…

Report: Severe weather events caused nearly $4 billion in damage across Tennessee in 2020

By Eric Hilt
According to a new report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), severe climate events caused nearly $4 billion in damage across Tennessee in 2020. The total includes damages from the March 2020 tornadoes,…

Two Decades Of Roadless Rule Helped Fight Climate Change

By Nadia Ramlagan
The Roadless Rule became law 20 years ago today. The bedrock conservation policy halted commercial logging and the building of new roads across nearly 60 million remote acres of national forests nationwide.

The TVA’s slower pace toward renewable energy weakens Nashville’s future, report finds

By James Bruggers
The report suggests Nashville and communities in seven southeast states could suffer economically if the TVA doesn’t speed up its energy transition.

Plastic is the enemy of the environment and fighting climate change

By Katherine Allison Photo by Getty Images
It is estimated that the harm plastic production pushes onto the environment costs at least $40 billion a year, including polluted air, water and land.