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Interview: Author and activist Bill McKibben on the “timed test” of the climate crisis

By Jessica McKenzie Photo: Steve Liptay
When it comes to the climate crisis, author and environmentalist Bill McKibben hasn’t been a fully “objective journalist” since he finished penning his first book, The End of Nature, over three decades ago, and realized…

A New Estimate of the ‘Most Effective’ Way to Fight Climate Change

By Robinson Meyer Photo: Allison Bailey , AP
The economist Daniel Stein has a clear answer: You should give to groups that lobby for aggressive climate policies. And if you’re an American, he has three such groups in mind: the Evergreen Collaborative, Carbon180,…

In conversation with Jane Goodall on climate change — and remaining hopeful for the future

By Richard Schiffman Photo: Sumy Sadurni/AFP/Getty Images
A half century ago, Jane Goodall was spending months at a time sitting in the Gombe forest in what is now Tanzania waiting for wild chimps to approach her so that she could observe their…

‘They just talk’: Prince Charles understands Thunberg’s frustrations

By Michael Holden
Britain's Prince Charles says he shares the concerns of Greta Thunberg and other environmental activists that world leaders "just talk" about climate change and were not doing enough to prevent its catastrophic impact.

Should You Get Flood Insurance for Your Home?

By Ronda Kaysen Photo: Trisha Krauss
In the weeks since Hurricane Ida flooded her Maplewood, N.J., basement with eight inches of water, Ingrid Nagy has been trying to figure out how to financially protect herself from the next big storm.

Study Shows Why We Need 1.5 Degree Lifestyles and How to Get There

By Lloyd Alter
"1.5 Degree Lifestyles: Toward a Fair Consumption Space for All" is a major update of the 2019 study "1.5 Degree Lifestyles"—and the inspiration for my book "Living the 1.5 Degree Lifestyle"—that demonstrated "changes in consumption…

A Climate Activist Walked in the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show

By Léontine Gallois Photo: Valerio Mezzanotti
A climate activist, bearing a white banner with the words “Overconsumption = Extinction” in bold block lettering, joined the models on the runway for the Louis Vuitton show at the Louvre museum, the final event…

The Left’s environmental activism is counterproductive

By Stephen Perkins
Recently, a Washington, D.C.-based chapter of Extinction Rebellion made headlines when its activists dumped a house-like structure in the Potomac River with a banner that read, “It’s do or die.” It was a political statement…

Big Oil Coined ‘Carbon Footprints’ to Blame Us for Their Greed. Keep Them on the Hook.

By Rebecca Solnit Photo: Yasin Akgul/AFP (Getty Images)
Personal virtue is an eternally seductive goal in progressive movements, and the climate movement is no exception. People pop up all the time to boast of their domestic arrangements or chastise others for what they…