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States are moving too slowly to guard the nation’s infrastructure

By Ian Duncan Photo: Kyle Grantham for The Washington Post
Responding to increasingly common extreme weather is a vast undertaking that many state transportation departments are only beginning to tackle.

7 Important Ways You Can Help Relieve Extreme Heat Caused by Climate Change

By Kate Nakamura Photo: John Froschauer/AP Kate Nakamura
This past June was the hottest June in the recorded history of the United States, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Rising temperatures have been felt all around the world with countries in Europe,…

5 Smart Tricks to Green Your Tech

By Katherine Martinko Photo: Josh Seong , Getty Images
In this edition of Small Acts, Big Impact we look at some simple steps to help lighten the load of modern technology.

Ten Ways Your Community Can Go Solar: A Toolkit for Cities and Towns

The United States has enough solar energy installed to power over 11 million American homes. America’s cities and towns play a key role in driving the adoption of clean, renewable energy. Yet, most have only…

One Thing We Can Do: Fix Recycling

By Eduardo Garcia and Kendra Pierre-Louis Photo by Tyler Varsell
Recycling in the United States is broken.For years, we relied heavily on recycling operations in China to take our waste. But that came to an end in 2018, when Beijing barred the import of recycling…

Environment of greater concern than housing or terrorism – UK poll

Concerns over climate crisis growing among British public, poll findings revealProtecting the environment has overtaken affordable housing and the threat of terrorism in the British public’s policy priorities over the last eight months, polling has…

Britain’s first climate assembly: can it help fix democracy too?

At meeting of randomly selected Londoners there are differing views but a respectful tone In an airless library in north London, 56 people are trying to help fix not one global crisis but two. There…

‘The impact is tremendous’: readers on wildflower verges

Readers share how wildflowers are bringing colour and life to previously sterile green spaces Catastrophic news for insect life has inspired communities and councils around the UK to take action, generating splashes of summer colour…

Oslo, Norway to install wireless electric chargers for taxi fleet

By Jason Plautz
Oslo, Norway is poised to become the first city in the world to use wireless fast-charging infrastructure for its taxi fleet, in part of an effort to deploy only electric taxis by the year 2023.

Take part in Community Composting

Greener neighborhoods, improved local soils, and enhanced food security are just a few benefits. Find a trove of composting resources here.