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Electricity Generation by State

Do you know where electricity comes from in your state? Depending on its location, energy can come from various sources, including nuclear, wind, and solar. There are also other power sources, like coal-powered energy in most states and hydroelectric sources in others.


Turning Climate Commitments Into Results

Now more than halfway through President Joe Biden’s first term, the federal government has reengaged forcefully to address climate change. President Biden formally rejoined the Paris Agreement, established an ambitious and necessary target to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 50%-52% by 20304 as the U.S. Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), and is developing regulations to reduce emissions across numerous economic sectors, including new proposed EPA rules to cut pollution from passenger cars and trucks, methane from oil and gas operations, and carbon pollution from fossil fuel power plants. Last year, Congress passed the single most consequential federal climate legislation in U.S. history: the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).


Clean Energy States Alliance

CESA is pleased to celebrate 20 years of advancing state collaboration on clean energy. In this video, we look back on how far the clean energy field has come over the past two decades, and we share our hopes for a clean energy future. Watch it here.


Stay up to date on bills in your state.

Use this map to look through environmental policies trending across the country and in your state. You can filter by issue area and status. This map is updated weekly on Monday mornings.


These states punch above their weight in renewable energy generation

By Dan Gearino

It’s not surprising that gigantic states like Texas and California are heavy hitters in generating some of the most electricity from wind and solar. But what if we look at generation per square mile of land?…


One State Generates Much, Much More Renewable Energy Than Any Other—and It’s Not California

A new batch of data about the country’s electricity generation shows the increasing dominance of one state as the clean energy leader.

No, it’s not California.


State bills spur debate over who should build transmission: incumbent utilities or independent companies

By Ethan Howland

Lawmakers in at least five states are considering bills to give incumbent utilities a right-of-first-refusal to build transmission lines that grid operators put out to bid, excluding independent transmission companies from the business.


Which state is winning at renewable energy production?

By Karin Kirk

Electricity is changing. As states like Minnesota commit to 100% carbon-free electric power, Montana is opting to double down on coal. Some of these developments make headlines, while others go unnoticed – though they’re no less important. Case in point: Can you guess which state generates the largest fraction of its electricity from renewable sources?


‘They’re not ready’: Cities scramble to implement climate law

By Timothy Cama

The landmark climate change law passed last year relies heavily on cities and towns to implement some key provisions, but some aren’t yet ready to take on the challenge.
City governments, still battered by the Covid-19 pandemic, struggling to retain staff and being pulled in all directions, could be the difference when it comes to fully realizing the Inflation Reduction Act’s promises in areas like electrification and environmental justice.


Five powerhouse, economically friendly policies that can slash emissions

By Sarah Spengeman

Minnesota just passed a 100% clean electricity bill with one of the country’s fastest timelines to make the switch—by 2040. With its rich wind resources, a surprising amount of solar, and a strong clean energy manufacturing base, this policy will ensure the North Star state leads the nation in well-paying clean energy jobs.