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Products Made From Oil And Natural Gas

When you think about oil, there is probably one thing that immediately comes to
mind: motor oil for your car or lawn mower. And, when you hear about natural
gas, you may think about heating your home, cooking, or even electric power
generation. But, there are many other uses for these hydrocarbons than what
meets the eye


7 cool sustainable packages to try: Edible cups, bamboo lip balm tubes and more

By Jon Smieja

I recently asked my network of LinkedIn connections to tell me about the coolest sustainable packaging innovations they’ve come across. I got a bigger response than I expected.



By Abby Jackson

In a recent Instagram Reel, Alyssa Barber (@newlifestyleabb) lists items she never buys new because she can always find them at a thrift store.


How to pick the right air purifier for your home as wildfire smoke descends

In recent years, wildfire smoke has ravaged large swaths of the United States — from Northern California’s devastating 2020 wildfire season, to the orange-brown haze that has drifted from Canada into the eastern half of the country this spring and summer. Major cities such as San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C. have taken turns experiencing some of the worst air quality in the world.


Portable Solar Energy Systems for Home & on the Go

By Sarah Lozanova

Solar panels aren’t just found on rooftops and solar farms anymore — there are now numerous portable solar modules on the market for camping, RVs, and emergency preparedness. You can buy solar chargers with a small solar panel and battery to charge devices, larger DIY kits that can power an RV, and solar generators for backup power during outages.


Earth Day and the polling of America, 2023

By Joel Makower

Consumers express growing interest in purchasing greener products despite growing skepticism about environmental marketing claims. Can both be true?


Opinion What if climate change meant not doom — but abundance?

By Rebecca Solnit

A monastic once told me renunciation can be great if it means giving up things that make you miserable.


IKEA’s Latest Climate Target: Glue

By Dieter Holger

Inter IKEA—which owns the IKEA brand, develops its products and manages its supply chain—said around 5% of its value chain’s carbon footprint comes from fossil-based glue in its particle-and-fiber boards, used in products such as cupboards, wardrobes and shelves. It said Wednesday that it is aiming to eliminate 40% of its fossil-based glue in the boards by fiscal 2030, which could cut its greenhouse-gas emissions by 1.5 percentage points, depending on future business growth.


Miss Universe Is a Sustainability Queen

By Lindsey Reynolds

When you think of Miss Universe or any other beauty pageant, sparkles, glitter, synthetic fabrics, and loads of single-use plastic might come to mind. That’s how it’s been for decades. But with younger generations now fully enmeshed in the workforce and international events, things are taking on a different kind of focus—oftentimes through a lens of sustainability.


Clever Invention Could Revolutionize Recycling of Clothes

By Melissa Breyer

The clothing industry is a mess. Fast fashion and the rapid-fire cycling of trends means we’re tossing out clothes at an astonishing rate. And unfortunately, we’re doing a terrible job of recycling the discards. In the United States, less than 15% of the 92 million tons of clothing and other textiles are recycled annually, meaning that over 17 million tons of textiles are sent to landfills each year.