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Climate Change Solutions: The Big Five

By Jenny Noble

“We’re walking when we should be sprinting” — Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Chairman Hoesung Lee, describing how insufficient current plans are to tackle climate change.


Southampton creating local plan to combat climate change

By Joe Werkmeister

An environmental planner for Southampton Town, Lieberman has spearheaded the town's effort to develop a climate action plan that is intended to …


Decarbonizing Buildings to Prove Vital to Southampton’s Climate Future

Decarbonizing the energy used in buildings will prove key to getting Southampton Town’s carbon footprint to zero in the years ahead, according to researchers working on the town’s Climate Action Plan.


With Another Project Planned on the Heels of County Road 39 Sidewalks, Lawmakers Lambaste Suffolk County Officials

By Kitty Merrill

With at least three local lawmakers still aghast and irked by the news of an extensive, two-year Suffolk County project to install sidewalks on County Road 39 in Southampton, the… more


Southampton Town Hosts Climate Action Plan Public Engagement Session

By Lisa Finn

The public is invited to join the Southampton Town planning department this week for a presentation on the progress of development of the Climate Action Plan.


Shinnecock Kelp Farmers to Expand Southampton Kelp Farm

The Shinnecock Kelp Farmers, a multi-generational, women-led non-profit, is expanding their kelp hatchery and farm in Southampton, NY—the first Indigenous-owned and operated kelp farm on the East Coast. Leveraging knowledge drawn from a more than 10,000-year relationship with the sea and seaweed, the Shinnecock Kelp Farmers intend to expand the hatchery so that kelp can be grown for its many ecologically restorative water-quality, habitat and climate benefits.


Southampton Village Secures Funding for Algae Harvesting in Lake Agawam, Other Water Quality Improvement Projects

By Cailin Riley

Cleaning up Lake Agawam has been a challenge — one without a clear solution — for years. At a Southampton Village Board meeting on Thursday night, January 12, Mayor Jesse


Southampton Crafting Regulations For Commercial Solar

By Stephen J. Kotz

Last Thursday, June 16, Janice Scherer, the town’s planning and development administrator, Michelangelo Lieberman, a senior planner, and Deputy Supervisor Frank Zappone discussed with the Town Board several draft regulations for commercial solar arrays, with the goal of scheduling a public hearing on the proposals by the end of July.


Using Old Technology, Reel Quiet Mowing Was Ahead Of Its Time

By Brendon J. O' Reilly

In recent years, one village after another on the South Fork has restricted or seasonally banned the use of gas-powered leaf blowers as residents fed up with the noise, dust and fumes that leaf blowers make have amplified their voices.


Sea’s Rising, The Ocean’s Coming In

By Michelle Trauring

Almost 400 years ago, settlers discovered an idyllic peninsula along the coast of the Eastern Seaboard, its countryside cared for by five Native American tribes. They acquired land, built modest… more