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Southampton Crafting Regulations For Commercial Solar

By Stephen J. Kotz

Last Thursday, June 16, Janice Scherer, the town’s planning and development administrator, Michelangelo Lieberman, a senior planner, and Deputy Supervisor Frank Zappone discussed with the Town Board several draft regulations for commercial solar arrays, with the goal of scheduling a public hearing on the proposals by the end of July.


Using Old Technology, Reel Quiet Mowing Was Ahead Of Its Time

By Brendon J. O' Reilly

In recent years, one village after another on the South Fork has restricted or seasonally banned the use of gas-powered leaf blowers as residents fed up with the noise, dust and fumes that leaf blowers make have amplified their voices.


Sea’s Rising, The Ocean’s Coming In

By Michelle Trauring

Almost 400 years ago, settlers discovered an idyllic peninsula along the coast of the Eastern Seaboard, its countryside cared for by five Native American tribes. They acquired land, built modest… more


Town Board Adopts Gas Leaf Blower Ban In Southampton

By Kitty Merrill

The Southampton Town Board approved a summertime ban on gas-powered leaf blowers in a split vote on Tuesday, March 22. Supervisor Jay Schneiderman and Councilmen John Bouvier and Tommy John… more


Leaf Blower Debate Rages On During Hearing On Proposed Summertime Ban

By Kitty Merrill

The cost — to landscapers, to quality of life, to the environment — was a theme woven through a two-hour public hearing on a proposed summertime gas leaf blower ban held by the Southampton Town Board on the evening of Tuesday, February 22.


McNamara, A Lawmaker And Landscaper, Offers Adamant Opposition To Gas Leaf Blower Regs

By Kitty Merrill

Most businesses and homeowners realize “this is the way we’re going,” Southampton Town Councilman John Bouvier said last week, introducing the discussion of draft gas-powered leaf blower legislation that would… more


Slipping Away: Homeowners, Officials Buy Time As Escalating Effects Of Climate Change Threaten East End

By Michelle Trauring

For centuries, the world has known one type of refugee: those who leave their homes behind due to war, violence, conflict or persecution, often risking their lives in the pursuit of safety. In recent years, the definition has unofficially expanded.


Climate Local Now: A Festival of Solutions

By Mary Morgan and Mark Haubner

Drawdown Festival – Tools for Regeneration: Forums! Fun! Films! blankets the weekend from January 21-23, 2022 with talks, workshops and films on “actions we can all take to regenerate our earth and reverse climate devastation.”


Heavy rains help to expand ‘dead zones’ in Long Island Sound, scientists say

By Joan Gralla

Too much rain and still way too much nitrogen were the twin causes of this summer’s overly abundant algae blooms and critically low-oxygen dead zones in Long Island’s fresh and saltwater bodies, an annual report said Thursday.


Feds Declare Peconic Bay Scallops A Disaster

By Michael Wright

The U.S. Department of Commerce has declared the Peconic Bay scallop a fishery disaster, making baymen who rely on the harvest of the scallops for income and the efforts to