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Farmers in the Plains are in ‘dire straits’ due to drought, wildfire conditions

By Elizabeth Rembert Photo: Will Bauer

Even with a few recent rains, much of the Great Plains are in a drought. Wildfires have swept across the grasslands and farmers are worried about how they’ll make it through the growing season.


Which States Are the Most Environmentally Friendly?

By Sarah Lozanova

A majority of Americans see the effects of climate change in their own communities and believe the federal government should do more to stop them. Despite growing concern about the climate crisis, some states are doing far less than others to boost energy efficiency, decrease the use of fossil fuels, and protect air, water, and soil quality. Are you living in a state that’s taking environmental actions?


Proposed co2 pipelines thrust south dakota into billion-dollar debate over carbon capture technology and climate change

By Bart Pfankuch Photo: KELO

So far, most of the discussion about two proposed multibillion-dollar carbon dioxide pipelines that would cross hundreds of miles of eastern South Dakota has centered on opposition by landowners whose properties would be affected by the digging and laying of underground pipes carrying a potentially dangerous chemical.


Ethanol Company Wants Action on E30

By Todd Neeley

A South Dakota ethanol company recently asked the state’s congressional delegation to work toward creating a pathway to allow E30 to be sold nationally, as two Midwest governors reportedly are working on a policy to require state vehicle fleets to run on the 30% ethanol, 70% gasoline blend.


8 Midwest states, including North Dakota, seek permanent waiver to sell E15 gas

By The Associated Press Photo: Savannah Louie

Governors from eight Midwest states asked the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Thursday for a permanent waiver that will allow each state to continue selling ethanol-blended gas year-round without restriction.


South Dakota farmers get two-week extension to intervene in Summit’s CO2 pipeline project

By Nicole Ki

Roughly 30 farmers and ag businesses seeking to fight a proposed CO2 sequestration pipeline have two more weeks, as of last Thursday, to register with the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission.


Mayors Outside South Dakota Interested in Fighting Climate Change

By Cory Allen Heidelberger

Kate Wright, new exec of Climate Mayors, says the hundreds of mayors participating in the group’s effort to take local action to fight climate change are hoping to use the big Biden infrastructure program to launch a host of climate change responses:


Biden’s ‘cost of carbon’ policy survives court challenge

By Kevin Mcgill Photo: Evan Vucci

In a victory for President Joe Biden, a federal appeals court Thursday refused to revisit its March decision reviving administration plans to account for potential damage from greenhouse gas emissions when creating rules for pollution-generating industries.


MISO finds broad benefits to building $10.4B of transmission projects to support 53 GW of clean energy

By Ethan Howland Photo: Marie Puddu via Getty Images

The Midcontinent Independent System Operator is advancing through its stakeholder process a $10.4 billion set of transmission lines that could support about 53 GW of wind, solar, hybrid and stand-alone battery projects.


Sioux Falls city officials push sustainability plan to 2023 after ‘extensive’ feedback

By Trevor J. Mitchell

Sioux Falls officials are taking a step back from the proposed Sustainability and Climate Action Plan, which debuted just weeks ago, citing a “need to ask more questions and reach out to a wider group of stakeholders.”