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A timber sale in Oregon tests Biden’s pledge to protect older trees

By Anna Phillips Photo: Andy Nelson , AP

Not far from the town of McKenzie Bridge, Ore., on the western slope of the Cascades, stand towering groves of trees that have survived more than a century of wind, fire, insects and disease. To Jerry Franklin, long-considered one of the foremost authorities on old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest, this landscape of mature Douglas-fir and western hemlock is thriving and, most significantly, removing evermore carbon from the atmosphere.


The world’s largest trees are struggling to survive climate change

By Diana Leonard Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez , AP

They are the largest trees in the world, living monuments with massive trunks and towering canopies that can thrive for 3,000 years. But ancient sequoia trees, which have been decimated by severe wildfires around California’s Sierra Nevada, are struggling to keep up with ever worsening conditions. And this summer, they could face their worst fate yet.


Palm oil industry seeks delay to deforestation law

By Zach Boren Photo: Ulet Ifansasti , Greenpeace

The trade association representing EU chocolate associations and leading brands such as Mars, Cadbury, Ferrero and Nestle signed a statement against a key measure in the regulations


Global Anti-Deforestation Efforts Aren’t Enough to Tackle Forest Loss

By Olivia Rosane Photo: LeoF Freitas , Getty Images

In 2010, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) met in Cancun and agreed to a plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by protecting forests: wealthier countries would pay poorer nations not to cut down their trees.


How the future trees of New Mexico were almost destroyed by wildfires

By Elizabeth Miller Photo: Leslie Edgar/New Mexico State University

Saving tree seedlings critical to restoring forests in the Southwest from the fires ripping through northern New Mexico took four trucks and three trailers — and two trips into a wildfire evacuation zone…


Trees aren’t a climate change cure-all – 2 new studies on the life and death of trees in a warming world show why

By William R.L. Anderegg

The future of forests is on a knife’s edge, with a tug of war between two very important forces: the benefits trees get from increasing levels of carbon dioxide and the stresses they face from the climate, such as heat, drought, fires, pests and pathogens.


Brazil is gaslighting its way to a climate misinformation catastrophe

By Robert Muggah and Mac Margolis Photo: Andre Penner , AP

Brazilians know all about fake news. Digital hucksters have attacked the integrity of Brazil’s electronic voting system, baselessly accused adversaries of “teaching” homosexuality in the classroom and promoted faith-based covid-19 treatments, all with a nod and a wink from the presidential palace. Now the social media mobs, with the blessings of Brazil’s “cabinet of hate,” are trolling the world’s largest tropical rainforest.


Brazil’s Amazon deforestation hits April record, nearly double previous peak

By Jake Spring Photo: Nacho Doce , Reuters

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon surged to record levels for the month of April, nearly doubling the area of forest removed in that month last year — the previous April record — preliminary government data showed on Friday, alarming environmental campaigners.


You Asked 1,000 Questions about Peatlands, and Our Bog Experts Answered (Some of) Them

Photo: Eden Weingart

We asked for questions about the amazing carbon-storage capabilities of peatlands, and how these ecosystems keep the planet breathing. Readers sent us more than a thousand. Here are some answers.


New Reports Show Forests Need Far More Funding to Help the Climate, and Even Then, They Can’t Do It All

By Georgina Gustin Photo: Raul Arboleda , Getty Images

As government leaders and forestry experts gathered in South Korea this week to discuss the state of the world’s forests, new research suggests that ambitious international efforts to curb deforestation are making insufficient progress and the planet’s trees continue to disappear.