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SJCH first hospital in SC to be awarded LEED certification

By Leslie Cantou Photo: Brennan Wesley

The recently bestowed designation makes SJCH&PTWP the first comprehensive, built-from-scratch hospital in South Carolina to achieve LEED certification, a status that indicates the building meets specific environmental and sustainability goals. LEED stands for “leadership in energy and environmental design.”


Duke explores shutting coal-fired plants by 2030 in South Carolina plans

By Scott Van Voorhis Photo: Davis Turner , Getty Images

Duke Energy is eyeing an early retirement of its coal-fired plants by the end of the decade, according to the revised integrated resource plans (IRP) filed with South Carolina regulators Friday for its subsidiaries, Duke Energy Progress and Duke Energy Carolinas.


Electric Vehicles Could Add $47 Billion Annually to Southeast Economy

By Stan Cross and Heather Pohnan

Because most electricity is generated locally, shifting to electric transportation will save consumers money at the plug and keep more of their transportation fuel dollars recirculating through local economies.


Cypress Creek Renewables Plans Anderson County, South Carolina, Solar Project

By Area Developement Desk

Cypress Creek Renewables, a leading solar and storage energy company, plans to grow operations with a new solar project in Anderson County, South Carolina.


As climate change intensifies, how might Laudato Si’ guide community responses?

By Brian Rowe Photo: Randall Hill , Reuters

In 2019, the Atlantic coastal city experienced 89 days of flooding, or nearly one of every five days that year. That blew past the previous record of 58 times, set in 2015, and represented a dramatic shift from more than a half-century earlier, when in 1950 flooding events occurred roughly twice a year, according to a recent study by the coastal ocean science center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


Climate change will cut into outdoor work, endanger workers, new study says

By Chloe Johnson Photo: Grace Beahm Alford

, used different climate change scenarios to project the amount of warming across the United States, and then coupled that with census data on where people who work outside are clustered. Latino and Black individuals are also over-represented in outdoor work.


On South Carolina’s shore, some condo owners worry: Are their buildings safe?

By Tim Craig Photo: Logan Cyrus , Getty Images

When Mark and Judy Rondeau moved to a condominium five years ago, they did everything they could to protect their investment in this damp, flood-prone state.


Study: Climate change added $8 billion to Sandy’s damages

By Associated Press Photo: AP

Climate change-triggered sea level rise added $8 billion in damage during 2012’s Superstorm Sandy, one of the nation’s costliest weather disasters, a new study said.


SC and NC were in the path of the pipeline hack

By Chase Karacostas

The hack that shuttered a sprawling oil and gas pipeline system from Texas to New Jersey exposed major flaws in North and South Carolina’s energy infrastructure and regulation, experts say. Colonial Pipeline shut down May 7 after Eastern European criminals took hold of its business information systems. After round-the-clock efforts, the company slowly began restarting operations on May 12. It could take another two weeks before the pipeline is fully operational.


SC lawmakers may extend building permits for years despite rapidly changing coast

By Chloe Johnson Photo: File/Richard Beck/Provided

South Carolina lawmakers may move to extend a slew of development permits around the state, adding years to state permissions for land disturbance, water pollution, sensitive coastal work and even the right to install a septic tank.