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Graphs of the Day

Wonder what the impact of last winter’s Texas blackout was on gas prices? Have any doubts that the blackout was a gas problem above all? Graphs are fun. Below, contributing factors to the current gas crunch in Europe, (and gas price ramp in the US) include market manipulation by Russia, poor anticipation of post-Covid economic […]


Don’t Look Now, but #Don’tLookUp is Number Two in Netflix History. Is the Message being Heard?

“If you want to send a message, call Western Union.” – Samuel Goldwyn Above, interview with Director Adam McKay. Will it make a difference? It’s been tried before – Dr. Strangelove comes to mind. University of North Carolina Greensboro: Although the production of Dr. Strangelove began before the Test Ban Treaty was signed, the film’s warnings were […]


Dominion finally gets approval for large-scale smart meter rollout

The utility says smart meter technology is “foundational” to a modern grid, but regulators called prior plans “speculative” and rejected them. Dominion finally gets approval for large-scale smart meter rollout is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering the clean energy transition. If you would like to support us please make […]


The Biden Administration Takes Action on Toxic Coal Ash Waste, Targeting Leniency by the Trump EPA – Inside Climate News

The Biden administration on Tuesday took its first significant move toward corralling lingering and widespread problems with the toxic ash produced by coal-fired power plants, one of the nation’s most prominent long-term environmental health legacies from more than a century of coal-fired electricity generation. In 2015, the EPA under the Obama administration put forth the […]


‘Big Oil’ Becoming ‘Small Oil’ as European Fossils Begin Shift to Renewables

‘Big Oil’ is showing initial signs of a transition to ‘Small Oil’, as a handful of large European fossil fuel companies invest windfall revenues from high oil prices to begin their shift to lower-carbon investments—even if Canadian fossils still haven’t got the memo. “Surging oil and gas prices in 2021 delivered billions of dollars in […]


Scientists Scorch Failed Alberta Monitoring of Tar Sands/Oil Sands Impacts

Alberta doesn’t have a good grasp of the overall environmental impacts of the tar sands/oil sands, a decade after implementing monitoring that was supposed to provide it, internal government documents suggest. In July, Alberta Environment and Parks surveyed dozens of scientists and other participants in the Oilsands Monitoring Program, a joint federal-provincial program that has […]


Toronto-Based Hydrostor Nabs $250M in New Investment for Long-Term Energy Storage

Long-term energy storage developer Hydrostor Inc., described by U.S.-based Canary Media as an “iconoclastic Canadian startup”, has scored US$250 million from Goldman Sachs Asset Management to help it advance projects it plans to complete in California and Australia. Toronto-based Hydrostor “is developing two 500-megawatt projects in Southern and Central California, and a 200-megawatt development at […]


New Nail-On Solar Shingle Could Transform Residential Solar Industry

California-based GAF Energy has developed a mass-market shingle that could revolutionize rooftop solar generation. “What we’ve built is a nailable solar shingle that goes on as fast or faster than a regular shingle, looks great, and generates electricity,” GAF President Martin DeBono told Canary Media. GAF Energy is a division of Standard Industries and was […]


Catastrophic Bronx Apartment Fire Connects Energy Efficiency with Social Justice

A devastating weekend apartment fire in the Bronx proves that energy efficiency upgrades are as much about redressing longstanding, frequently brutal injustices as they are about cutting emissions. Sunday morning’s fire at Twin Parks West, which has killed 19 people thus far, including nine children, was the deadliest New York fire in more than 30 […]


Experts Look to Ottawa for Energy Poverty Strategy

Lower-income Canadians shouldn’t have to choose between heating, eating, and other daily essentials, say two policy experts who are pushing for a national strategy to combat the energy poverty that currently affects 20% of Canadian households. As energy costs spike and the climate unravels, provincial programs lack both the dollars and the mandate to adequately […]