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Delta Reports Loss Amid Omicron Surge but Expects to Make Recovery

The airline expects the Covid-19 variant to delay demand recovery by 60 days but said its effects will soon begin to dissipate.


White House departures send tremors through environmental community

The abrupt exits of Cecilia Martinez and David Kieve from the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality sparked alarm among environmental justice experts.


Massachusetts startup sees path to more efficient windows with new material

AeroShield is working to commercialize a clear, lightweight material that, when sandwiched between two panes of glass, produces windows that are more insulating than bulkier, more expensive options. Massachusetts startup sees path to more efficient windows with new material is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering the clean energy transition. […]


Most Agribusinesses and Banks Involved With ‘Forest Risk’ Commodities Are Falling Down on Deforestation, Global Canopy Reports – Inside Climate News

Many of the world’s biggest banks, financial institutions and companies are not doing enough to stop deforestation, and in many cases are continuing to bankroll forest destruction, undermining efforts to stop a major driver of global carbon emissions, a new report has found. The report, released Thursday by the U.K.-based non-profit, Global Canopy, tracked commitments […]


An Alabama Town’s Sewage Woes Test Biden’s Infrastructure Ambitions

The new law allocates $11.7 billion for wastewater and stormwater projects. Will it get to the impoverished communities who need it most?


On the Defensive a Year Ago, the American Petroleum Institute Is Back With Bravado – Inside Climate News

What a difference a year makes. The chief of the nation’s top oil and gas lobby laid out the state of his industry on Wednesday in a presentation that reflected a remarkable turnaround for the sector. A year ago, with President Joe Biden taking office and Democrats seizing control of Congress, the oil industry appeared […]


Energy Storage: Not Just Lithium Anymore

Hydrostor is a scrappy start up with a dead-simple energy storage idea that seems to have overcome the most serious barriers to CAES – Compressed Air Energy Storage – technologies. Working on a shoestring budget of a few million dollars, the company has managed to build convincing enough demonstrations to convince serious investors to jump […]


We Mapped a Year of Extreme Weather

The Times analyzed temperature data from weather stations across the United States. The result: 2021 was a huge year for records, both high and low.


Bottom-Up Sustainability: The Case of Altavista in Medellin, Colombia

One size does not fit all. A community garden project shows how involving communities in planning and development can help make sustainable practices successful.