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Government Return of Environmental Bills Held for Further Study Planned for New General Assembly Session

By Rob Smith

Rhode Island legislators return to the General Assembly chambers this week, and environmental advocates are hoping to pass an ambitious agenda. The Legislature is expected to consider a number of environment and climate-related bills that fell by the wayside last session, which did see the Act on Climate bill signed into law.


Government R.I. has No Plan to Reduce Transportation Emissions

By Rob Smith Photo: Joanna Detz , Ecori News

Rhode Island lawmakers are going into the new legislative session with no clear plan to reduce transportation-sector emissions, after neighboring states pulled out of the regional Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI) late last year.


Inside Clean Energy: Here Are 5 States that Took Leaps on Clean Energy Policy in 2021

By Dan Gearino Photo: Scott Olson , Getty Images

It’s understandable if people are feeling dour during this unseasonably warm December when, once again, the U.S. Congress has failed to pass major climate legislation.


Groups urge bigger targets, more equity as RGGI states consider changes

By Lisa Prevost

As the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, known as RGGI, undergoes a thorough review by participating states, environmental advocates are demanding more ambitious emission reduction targets and a mandate for equitable distribution of the revenues.


Rhode Island Clean Marina Program

Watch Hill Boat Yard, Newport Yacht Club, and Safe Harbor Wickford Cove were designated as Clean Marinas under Rhode Island’s Clean Marina Program, adopted by the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) in 2007, and revamped and streamlined through a public-private partnership in 2020.


Grant helps URI, Penn State researchers study sea-level rise

Researchers at the University of Rhode Island and their colleagues at Penn State have been awarded a four-year, $1.5 million grant to study the effects of sea level rise and how it may worsen the impact of extreme weather, URI said in a statement.


Climate activists say Rhode Island is “already behind” on emissions reduction planning

By Sofie Rudin

Rhode Island passed landmark climate legislation last spring, mandating that the state cut emissions to net zero by 2050. Six months later, environmental activists say the state has done little to begin implementing the law.


For Many On Coast, Climate Crisis Means Rising Insurance Rates

By Caitlin Faulds Photo: Frank Carini/ecoRI News

The country’s largest flood insurer is changing how it analyzes risk, and it could signal a reckoning for coastal communities.


Taming the torrent won’t be cheap: Climate projects in Providence need federal money

By Alex Kuffner Photo: David Delpoio

A network of streams and ponds once cut through the East Side of Providence. When rain fell, runoff followed the topography down through a watershed that encompassed the area around what is now Blackstone Boulevard.


Climate Action Rhode Island takes on Thayer Street to protest JPMorgan Chase’s funding of fossil fuels

By Jasper Yeh Photo: Jasper Yeh

Members of Climate Action Rhode Island marched on Thayer Street Wednesday protesting JPMorgan Chase’s funding of fossil fuel companies. The group carried large signs reading “Chase funds death” and “Stop Chase the toxic bank” as they approached the bank’s Thayer location.