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Have Establishment Democrats Found Their Answer to the Green New Deal?

Democratic members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee have released a detailed “memo” as a prequel to climate legislation they will be introducing under the torturous title of The Climate Leadership and Environmental Action for our Nation’s Future Act (CLEAN Future Act or Act). The Act’s goal is to ensure that the United States […]


Dammed Good Questions about the Green New Deal

By Don Fitz

Hydroelectric power from dams might be the thorniest issue that proponents of the Green New Deal (GND) have to grapple with. Providing more energy than solar and wind combined, dams could well become the key backup “renewable” if it otherwise proves impossible to get off of fossil fuels fast enough.


Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez unveil ‘Green New Deal For Public Housing’ bill

By Amanda Mills

“The Green New Deal for Public Housing would transition the entire public housing stock of the United States, as swiftly and seamlessly as possible, into zero-carbon, highly energy-efficient developments that produce on-site renewable energy, expand workforce capacity and family self-sufficiency programs and focus on community development.”


A Planet to Win: Why We Need a Green New Deal (Jacobin) (2019)

By Kate Aronoff.

The age of climate gradualism is over, as unprecedented disasters are exacerbated by inequalities of race and class. We need profound, radical change.


Wait, 40 percent of white evangelicals support the Green New Deal?

By Kate Yoder Photo: Scott Olson / Getty Images

In the 2016 presidential election, 81 percent of white evangelical Christians voted to elect President Trump. But this core base of the Republican Party, despite Fox News’ efforts, is more receptive to large-scale action to combat climate change than you might expect.


The Green New Deal Picks Up Major Christian Endorsements

By Alexander C. Kaufman Photo: Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

What climate policy would Jesus choose? One that protects nature and lifts up the poor, these Christians say.


How philanthropy can support the Green New Deal

To make the biggest impact on environmental sustainability and social justice, wealthy funders need to take a step back and let movement leaders take the lead.


What is the Green New Deal?

Or, similar question, Why is the Green New deal? Answer is that, there is no legislation yet. Turns out this kind of massive program is really, really, really hard to put together.To do it, were going to have to do a whole lot more than tweet-shame Nancy Pelosi  we, all…


Green New Deal Picks Up 2 Major Union Endorsements As Labor Support Grows

Photo: Associated Press

A new poll shows more than half of American union members support the Green New Deal, as SEIU becomes the first national union to endorse the plan.


Green New Deal gains traction on the campaign trail

By Dino Grandoni Photo: AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Momentum for the Green New Deal is building — not so much in the halls of Congress, but on the presidential campaign trail. Even though Senate quashed the proposal earlier this year, three different 2020 hopefuls this week continued to seize upon the moniker as they unveil climate plans that push the poles of debate to the left.