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Biden reverses Trump cuts to monuments, restoring protection for key fossil sites

By April Reese Photo: Jack Dykinga

In a long-awaited decision, President Joe Biden today restored Utah’s fossil-rich Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments to their former boundaries, 4 years after former President Donald Trump made drastic cuts to both.


Trump let this pesticide stay on the market. Under Biden, EPA is banning its use on food

By Dino Grandoni Photo: Damian Dovarganes/AP

EPA to ban chlorpyrifos, linked to neurological damage in young children, on crops such as grapes, broccoli and strawberries – reversing a Trump public health decision…


Rep. Sean Casten on Hot FERC Summer and how to prepare the US grid for rapid decarbonization

By David Roberts Photo: Tom Williams , Getty Images

As regular readers of my work are well aware, the fastest way to decarbonize the U.S. economy is through clean electrification — decarbonizing the electricity sector and shifting energy use in other sectors like transportation and buildings over to electricity.


EPA Unveils Plan to Reduce Dangerous Pollution from Landfills

The Environmental Protection Agency today announced a plan to implement final standards that will protect millions of Americans from the toxic and climate-damaging pollution emitted by municipal landfills.


Deb Haaland Scraps A Slew Of Fossil Fuel-Friendly Trump Orders

By Chris D’Angelo

With the stroke of a pen on Friday, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland dismantled a sizable chunk of her predecessors’ legacies, revoking a dozen Trump-era secretarial orders that sought to boost fossil fuel and other extraction on public lands and waters.


Senators eye rollback of Trump methane rule with Congressional Review Act

By Rebecca Beitsch Photo: Greg Nash

Lawmakers are weighing using the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to reverse a Trump era-rule that limits the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate methane. Sens. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) and Angus King (I-Maine) have drafted a resolution of disapproval on the August methane rule, according to a copy reviewed by The Hill, the first step in using the CRA to unwind a regulation.


Biden reinstates bird protections gutted under Trump

By Jacob Fischler Photo by Sarah Vogelsong

The Interior Department on Monday revoked a Trump administration policy that would have undercut a century-old law protecting migratory birds. The move strengthens federal regulators’ authority to enforce the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, a 1918 law that allows the government to prosecute polluters whose actions are responsible for the deaths of about 1,100 protected bird species.


Regulatory Review, Biden Style

By Rena Steinzor

I have friends who wept during the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. The sheer relief of watching the departure of a glowering Donald Trump—by far the President most hostile to his own government in modern times—was palpable. Back to normal and rational business—win some or lose some—but at least we all understand the game.


Biden signs executive actions on climate change: ‘It’s time to act’

By Rebecca Shabad and Geoff Bennett Photo: Kevin Lamarque

President Joe Biden delivered remarks Wednesday about his plan to tackle climate change and signed related executive actions to further the key part of his agenda, which includes “creating jobs and restoring scientific integrity,” the White House said Wednesday. Biden said that his administration’s plan is addressing the existential threat “with a greater sense of urgency.”


Biden, Emphasizing Job Creation, Signs Sweeping Climate Actions

By Lisa Friedman, Coral Davenport and Christopher Flavelle

President Biden on Wednesday signed a sweeping series of executive actions — ranging from pausing new federal oil leases to electrifying the government’s vast fleet of vehicles — while casting the moves as much about job creation as the climate crisis.