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State Legislature Considers Waste Reduction Legislation

By Molly Russell
Currently, 40 percent of the 17 million tons of waste generated annually in New York State comes from product packaging and paper products (PPP). Falling under this category are plastic containers, glass bottles, aluminum cans,…

Another Voice: Recycling bill would help environment, taxpayers

By Brian Smith
In 2017, recycling markets in China and elsewhere began closing their doors to the U.S. Not only did this force us to deal with our own recyclable materials, but it also exposed fundamental flaws in…

The Lasso Robot Wants to Make Recycling at Home Easier

By John Biggs Photo: Lasso
Recycling is important but it’s also a pain. Separating glass from plastic from paper isn’t a terrible task but what wouldn’t it be nicer if a robot did it instead? That’s why one inventor built…

The Importance Of Recycling Electronics

By Sam Bowman Photo: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
When people think of recycling, images of plastic jugs, empty cans, and plastic bags usually come to mind. Fewer people consider electronics when thinking about the process of reducing, reusing, or recycling — but microwaves,…

Planning for the future: Waste management solutions from LI’s leader

Long Island is facing a crisis. Within the next four years we will run out of space to put the one million tons of garbage Long Islanders produce annually. If we don’t act now to…

More Talk and No Action on Chemical Recycling

By Lloyd Alter
The American Chemistry Council (ACC) has long been a bête noire of Treehugger, ever since they tried to get the LEED green building certification system banned because it tried to limit the use of plastics…

Big Plastic Spends Millions of Dollars to Lie to You About Recycling

By Zulie Rane Photo by Anna Shvets
This launched the $50-million-a-year campaign to rebrand plastic. The 1980s and 1990s featured heartwarming, sweet videos with kids talking about how plastic wasn’t trash — it was full of possibility! Plastic executives were photographed grinning…

How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled

By Laura Sullivan Photo by Laura Sullivan
Rogue, like most recycling companies, had been sending plastic trash to China, but when China shut its doors two years ago, Leebrick scoured the U.S. for buyers. She could find only someone who wanted white…

Pittsburgh-based start up creates a smart way to recycle

By Maria Scapellato Photo: Roadrunner
A Pittsburgh-based startup is using technology to revolutionize the recycling industry. RoadRunner Recycling uses software designed to help businesses.