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England fails to reach household waste recycling target

Wales only UK nation to exceed 50% as households in England recycle less in 2020 than 2019Recycling rates in England are falling and the government has failed to meet its target to recycle 50% of…


Exxon doubles down on ‘advanced recycling’ claims that yield few results

The petroleum company is under investigation for misleading the public while exacerbating the global plastic pollution crisisAccused of misleading the public for decades on the promise of plastic recycling, oil and chemical companies are pushing…


U.S. plastic recycling rates have fallen below 6 percent

Americans are recycling far less plastic, as rates fell below 6 percent in 2021, according to a new analysis published Wednesday. …


Recycling startup Ridwell makes household recycling easier

The Seattle startup Ridwell is building a business around collecting all the old batteries, clamshell containers and lightbulbs that most recycling programs leave behind. …


Bottled water giant admits to environmental “puffery”

BlueTriton, owner of Poland Spring and other brands of water packaged in plastic, stated in a court filing that its claims of sustainability are “vague and hyperbolic.” …


Hotels with sustainability and net-zero ambitions

It’s not easy for sustainability-minded travelers to find truly green accommodations, but these new hotels — one of which claims to be the first net-zero carbon emissions hotel in the country — are aiming high….


Researchers Find Way for Plastic Waste to Soak Up CO2

Scientists have found a way to fight the climate crisis with plastic waste. A University of Rice research team discovered that heating plastic waste in the presence of a certain chemical created particles that had…


This refugee camp in the Sahara is recycling trash into new products

One machine shreds the plastic into tiny pieces while other machines wash and dry them. Then they’re melted or pressed down to make furniture. …


How Community Cardboard Shredding in Hawaii Is Helping Residents, Businesses and the Environment

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in 2018, paper and cardboard were the largest components of municipal solid waste in the United States with citizens throwing away a total of 67.4 million tons…