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Rainy days are not just depressing emotionally, but also economically

While a rainstorm can at times be an inconvenience to us, it’s obviously an essential part of the world’s ecosystem. But heavy rainfall can inadvertently have a major impact on our economies, too.

Brazil flooding kills at least 20 and displaces thousands

In northeast Brazil, local officials say they have never before seen flooding on this scale. Tens of thousands were forced to flee their homes.

World in Progress: How climate change impacts lives around Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro's snow peak is popular with tourists who like to hike up. But the white cap on Africa's highest mountain in Tanzania could be completely gone within the next few years since there's not…

Climate Change Threatens Smithsonian Museums

Beneath the National Museum of American History, floodwaters are intruding into collection rooms, a consequence of a warming planet. A fix remains years away.

Extreme Rainfall Leaves Dozens Dead in India

Unseasonably heavy rainfall in India and Nepal has triggered flooding and landslides, washing away homes and roadways, and killing dozens of people.

Rain helps in California fire fight, lightning sparks others

Thunderstorms that dropped light rain gave some breathing room to crews struggling to quench California's massive wildfires but lightning sparked several new blazes in the drought-stricken north, fire officials said.

Overlapping disasters expose harsh climate reality: The US is not ready

The deadly flooding in the Northeast, on the heels of destruction from Louisiana to California, shows the limits of adapting to climate change. Experts say it will only get worse.

After Deadly Floods, a German Village Rethinks Its Relationship to Nature

A long history of bad land use decisions exacerbated the death toll and damage of Germany’s recent megaflood. Some say now is the time to rebuild differently.

Scores Die in India as Monsoon Rains Swamp Towns and Send Boulders Tumbling

Every monsoon season poses risks to the country, but this one is shaping up as especially destructive as climate change turbocharges rainfall.