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Why the New York City floods should be a wake-up call

By Scott Dance

When Shekar Krishnan walked his young children to school in a downpour Sept. 29, confronted by flooded streets, his mind went to worrying about the estimated 100,000 residents of illegal basement apartments across New York City. During tropical rains in 2021, 11 people in the city councilman’s home borough of Queens drowned in their homes, and now, nearly as much water was falling, and nearly as quickly.


El Niño is getting stronger, and odds are tilting toward another wet winter for California

By Hayley Smith

On the heels of a record-setting wet and warm August, forecasters on Thursday announced that El Niño is gaining strength and will almost certainly persist into 2024.


Excessive Heat and Rainfall Combos Will Be Practically Everywhere If Emissions Keep Rising, Study Says

By Angely Mercado

The climate crisis is going to expose more of the world to both hotter weather and heavy rainfall. This could create dangerous flood conditions new research has found. A study recently published in Earth’s Future outlines how a lot of the planet is going to face down a combination of heat and floodwaters.


Trapped by rain and mud, attendees at Burning Man fest bear down, and many party on

By Finn-Olaf Jones and Anna Betts

Thousands of people at the Burning Man festival, an annual carefree celebration of art, music, and counterculture vibes in a remote patch of Nevada desert, remained stranded there Sunday after torrential rains turned roads and grounds into muck, cutting off access.


What your insurer is trying to tell you about climate change

By Juliette Kayyem

Having worked for decades in conservation nonprofits, Beth Pratt, who lives high in the Sierra Foothills in Midpines, California, understands how climate change is putting her home at ever greater risk. Her community is experiencing what she calls “climate whiplash”: forest fires, record heat, massive snow dumps, mudslides, rockslides, and even a tornado.


Tropical Storm Harold makes landfall in Texas as Atlantic churns up more storms

By Matthew Cappucci and Ian Livingston

Tropical Storm Harold made landfall over South Padre Island late morning, bringing strong winds, heavy rainfall, rough surf and some tornado risk. The system hit the Gulf Coast less than 48 hours after Tropical Storm Hilary swept through the California and Nevada deserts, dumping up to a year’s worth of rainfall there.


Tropical Storm Harold slamming Texas with heavy rain, powerful winds: Updates

By John Bacon and Jeanine Santucci

Tropical Storm Harold was pushing inland over Texas on Tuesday with gusty winds and pounding rain, bringing much-needed moisture to the drought-stricken state but also threatening tornadoes and flash flooding.


California rain totals: Map shows how much rain Tropical Storm Hilary brought

By Jack Lee

Tropical Storm Hilary brought torrential weather to California this weekend, crossing into the state on Sunday after making landfall in Baja California.


Hilary drenches Southern California with record-breaking rainfall as storm wreaks havoc

By Gina Martinez

The remnants of Tropical Storm Hilary, a Category 4 hurricane when it was churning in the Pacific before crashing ashore in Mexico, brought record-breaking rainfall to Southern California, flooding roads and causing mudslides and rock slides as it barreled north.


Tropical Storm Hilary Makes Landfall in Mexico as Early Rain Pelts Southern California

The former hurricane weakened to a tropical storm on Sunday before coming inland over the Baja California peninsula, bringing heavy flooding that forecasters said could extend into the U.S.