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An arrest warrant, a fugitive CEO: Puerto Rico’s effort to privatize its electrical grid is off to a rocky start

By Arelis R. Hernandez and Douglas MacMillan Photo: Carlos Giusti , AP

A phalanx of armed deputies wearing bulletproof vests descended on the corporate offices of the company hired to fix Puerto Rico’s antiquated power grid. They were looking for Luma Energy chief executive Wayne Stensby, who had been labeled a fugitive by local lawmakers for refusing demands to turn over documents related to the company.


Cornell, Puerto Rican students to connect for food security innovation

By Matt Hayes Photo: Angela M. Linares Ramirez

As Puerto Rico continues to build back from hurricanes Irma and Maria amid intensifying climatic changes, a joint project between Cornell and the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez (UPRM) will prepare agricultural students to develop skills, knowledge and abilities in sustainable agriculture and natural resource management on the island.


Plagued by Daily Blackouts, Puerto Ricans Are Calling for an Energy Revolution. Will the Biden Administration Listen?

By Kristoffer Tigue Photo: Carolyn Cole , Getty Images

When Hurricane Maria swept across Puerto Rico in September 2017, shredding the energy grid and knocking out power for nearly all the island’s 3.4 million residents for months on end, Casa Sol—Ramirez’s five-bedroom bed and breakfast—was one of the only buildings in San Juan with working electricity, with 30 solar panels bolted to its roof.


Nonprofit Barrio Electrico works to expand solar energy in Puerto Rico

By YCC Team Photo: Barrio Eléctrico video

When Hurricanes Irma and Maria brought damaging winds to Puerto Rico in 2017, many people struggled to survive without electricity. And even in the absence of a hurricane, the power can be unreliable in rural parts of the island. At her home in Utuado, Alison Mason has an off-grid solar system. But she says her neighbors’ homes often go dark during the rainy season.


Power Solar Teams Up With Popular Auto

Faced with the great demand for solar energy in Puerto Rico, Power Solar and Popular Auto teamed up to offer the public the opportunity to acquire their own renewable energy system through various financing options and accessible monthly payments if they qualify.


Puerto Rico has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to build a clean energy grid – but FEMA plans to spend $9.4 billion on fossil fuel infrastructure instead

By Patrick Parenteau and Rachel Stevans Photo: Hector Retamal , Getty Images

The Biden Administration has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help Puerto Rico transition to a greener and more resilient energy future, but it’s on the verge of making a multibillion-dollar mistake.


Lessons from Hurricane Maria’s impact on Puerto Rico, four years later | Column

By Elizabeth Aranda

Today marks four years since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, leaving in its wake months of misery for those affected by lack of power, access to food and medicine, collapsed homes, and lives changed forever.


Bringing Reliable, Renewable Energy To The People Of Puerto Rico

By Max Lainfiesta, Nathaniel Buescher, & Michael Liebman Photo: Wei Zeng , Unsplash

Income inequality is palpable on the streets of the United States in cities and towns alike. On one block you may have neighborhoods with maintained roads and sidewalks, well-funded schools, and easy access to services including grocery stores, transit, healthcare, and banks.


Long Wait for Solar Net Metering Affecting Customers

By Ileanexis Vera Rosado Photo: Carlos Rivera Giusli

Over 6,000 cases of residences and small businesses are pending approval for net metering, which prevents them from accessing credits for exporting excess energy to the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) network, now operated by LUMA Energy.


Second wind for Puerto Rico renewable energy plant

Puerto Rico’s energy regulator NEPR has approved an amendment to an agreement between power utility PREPA and renewable energy operator Punta Lima Wind Farm.