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Who will save Puerto Rico’s beaches from rising seas, storms, and developers? The people.

By Pearl Marvell

After Hurricane Maria, conflicts over public beach access on the island have become more complicated and frequent. And residents aren’t waiting for the government to step in — they’re banding together to protect their rights.


Lawsuit Challenges FEMA Funding to Rebuild Puerto Rico’s Fossil Fuel-Dependent Electric Grid

Conservation and community groups sued the Federal Emergency Management Agency and U.S. Department of Homeland Security today over their plans to rebuild Puerto Rico’s centralized electric grid back to the fossil fuel status quo instead of investing in the distributed renewable energy Puerto Ricans need.


Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm makes fourth trip to Puerto Rico in five months

By Gabe Kaminsky

Energy Department Secretary Jennifer Granholm is under fire for making her fourth visit to Puerto Rico in five months.

The frequency of the trips has led to claims of hypocrisy from a former top Trump administration official, who said the visits are an example of the Biden White House’s “rules for me versus rules for thee.”


‘We’re Building Another Puerto Rico’: Communities Adapt to Climate Change

By Salome Ramirez

In the densely forested mountains of central Puerto Rico, nonprofit Casa Pueblo has captured the world’s attention for its efforts to turn the municipality of Adjuntas into the island-commonwealth’s first solar town. Residents call it an “energy insurrection” in their battle with the effects of climate change.


Reforesting Mangrove Trees Could Prove Key to Storm Defense in Puerto Rico

By Carlos Edill Berríos Polanco

The sun shone brightly on a recent Saturday morning in Puerto Rico as a group of three dozen people grabbed mangrove roots from a bucket provided by organizers. Some of the planters were clad in waders while others wore flip-flops and board shorts, but all came to the beach town of Isabela for the same purpose: to restore the mangrove forests to their former glory in hopes of preventing the beach from moving inland.


Privatized grid unlikely to save Puerto Rico ratepayers from disastrous debt restructuring plan

By Tom Sanzillo

The latest financial restructuring plan for the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) proposes borrowing $5.7 billion to pay off the utility’s legacy debt. The new debt would add an average of 4.4 cents/kilowatt-hour (kWh) over the next 35 to 50 years to Puerto Rico’s current 28 cents/kWh electricity charge, the highest in the nation.


Eco-Anxiety Motivates Puerto Rico Activists to Defend Environment

By Carlos Edill Berríos Polanco

With miles of beautiful beaches and the only tropical rainforest on U.S. territory, Puerto Rico is often touted as a paradise for vacationers. But for the people who live there, rampant development and the worsening effects of climate change have bred a sense of ecological anxiety that drives many to fight for the environment.


How Should Puerto Rico Invest its $1 Billion in Resilience Funds?

By Elisa Wood

The case for microgrids in Puerto Rico became clear five years ago when Hurricane Maria shut down its entire grid and parts of the island had no power for 11 months.

But the pace to bring resilience to the island has been slow, delayed by bureaucracy and lack of funding. Some microgrids were built — largely the result of donations and community sweat — but they are far too few, as subsequent disasters revealed


In Puerto Rican Town, New Community Microgrids Inspire a Parade

By Lisa Cohn

In Adjuntas, Puerto Rico — where Hurricane Maria left some without power for a year — two soon-to-be community microgrids mean so much to the town, it plans to hold a parade to celebrate its activation March 18.


The Opportunity Project Tackles Challenges Specific to Puerto Rico, Including Supporting Children’s Mental Health and Renewable Energy

By Victoria Elizabeth Fine

The Opportunity Project (TOP) wrapped up 2022 with a collection of new federal open data products produced by and for Puerto Rican communities.