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Air pollution makes it harder for bees to sniff out flowers, study finds

Air pollution may be making it harder for bees and other insects to follow the scent of flowers, reducing pollination by as much as a third, new research suggests.

South Carolina lawmakers pass bill to help plastics melting industry

The plastics melting business got a boost with the Legislature’s approval of a bill that makes opening in South Carolina easier, despite environmental concerns.

From fertilizer to fuel: Can ‘green’ ammonia be a climate fix?

Ammonia has been widely used as a fertilizer for the last century. Now, using renewable energy and a new method for making ammonia, researchers and entrepreneurs believe "green" ammonia can become a significant clean fuel…

Senegal’s ‘Plastic Man’ is on a mission to clean up pollution

Dressed head to toe in plastic, Modou Fall is a familiar sight in Dakar. But however playful his costume, his goal couldn’t be more serious: ridding the capital of the scourge of plastic bags.

The smell of money: why locals think Peru’s billion-dollar fishmeal sector stinks

Those living in the coastal city of Chimbote say the industry pollutes the air and water, makes their children sick and has put local fishers out of workJust before you reach Chimbote, a seaside city…

Bill introduced to list air pollution as factor on death certificates

The air pollution on the Wasatch Front is unhealthy in most of our neighborhoods today. But, is it deadly? A Utah lawmaker is introducing a bill that hones in on that issue.

Staff blow whistle on Environment Agency that ‘no longer deters polluters’

Staff at England’s Environment Agency say it has been cut back to such an extent that they cannot do their jobs and the regulator is no longer a deterrent to polluters.

Chicago ranks 3rd in U.S. in deaths related to diesel pollution

People around the world breathed cleaner air after the economy ground to a halt during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. But Chicago and its suburbs missed out on the temporary reprieve from lung-damaging,…

Nigeria targets illegal oil refining, soot pollution

In Nigeria’s oil producing regions, authorities are blaming illegal oil refiners for air pollution that can cause respiratory problems.