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Progressive campaign strategy: Make Manchin irrelevant

By Timothy Cama Photo: Michael Santiago, Getty Images

Progressive climate change advocates are increasingly coalescing around a midterm election strategy aimed at making Sen. Joe Manchin’s opposition to President Joe Biden’s environmental agenda irrelevant.
In the days since the West Virginia Democrat shut down negotiations on a major Democratic deal on climate and clean energy spending, some lawmakers and environmentalists have sought to use the decision to drum up support for electing more Democratic senators, with the goal of having 52 or so Senate Democrats.


An American Climate Failure

By Somini Sengupta Photo: Stefani Reynolds , The New York Times

As millions of people on three continents baked in heat waves supercharged by climate change this week, one American politician, an ardent champion of the fossil fuel industry, doused any hopes of immediate climate action in Washington.


Convince Republicans or revolt? No easy path to US climate action

By Joe Lo Photo: Liesbeth Powers , Greenpeace

In one, lobbyists and lawyers from big green NGOs played down the significance of the ruling, stressing that president Joe Biden and his EPA still have powers they can use. “It’s not as bad as perhaps it could have been,” said US climate veteran Alden Meyer.


Republican drive to tilt courts against climate action reaches a crucial moment

By Coral Davenport Photo: Tamir Kalifa for The New York Times

A Supreme Court environmental case being decided this month is the product of a coordinated, multiyear strategy by Republican attorneys general and conservative allies.


Climate Policy in a Republican World

By Joel Stronberg

In recent days Republicans in the US House of Representatives released the first of what will be a six-part policy platform on energy, climate, and conservation. The strategy was the work of the Energy, Climate, and Conservation Task Force (ECC).


E.P.A., Reversing Trump, Will Restore States’ Power to Block Pipelines

By Lisa Friedman Photo: Tim Gruber , The New York Times

The Biden administration on Thursday will move to restore authority to states and tribes to veto gas pipelines, coal terminals and other energy projects if they would pollute local rivers and streams, reversing a Trump-era rule that had curtailed that power.


The latest in the Joe Manchin party-switch saga

By Aaron Blake Photo: Jabin Botsford , The Washington Post

The latest entry in the saga comes via a new book from the New York Times’s Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin. The two report that Manchin had dinner with some Senate Republicans in early 2021 and responded to their entreaties that he join them by suggesting he might indeed do it — if not for Mitch McConnell.


Forget Manchin — go around him to pass a climate bill

By Andreas Karelas Photo: Greg Nash

Last year, “Political Climate,” podcast co-host Brandon Hurlbut asked, “Do you think there’s an opportunity now to pick off some of those Republican senators like Lisa Murkowski, like Rob Portman, like Susan Collins or Mitt Romney who have demonstrated some support for clean energy in the past?”


New IPCC report: Only political will stands in way of meeting the Paris targets

By Dana Nuccitelli

In the just-released third installment of its Sixth Assessment Report (the first two volumes covered climate change causes and impacts), the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) summarizes the latest scientific research on efforts to mitigate climate change. Written by 278 authors from 65 countries, the new report can be summarized in one word: “urgency.”


The Man Who Gobbed Up Earth

By Bill McKibben

Just as the Oscars were getting underway last night, the New York Times published a truly remarkable exposé that helps us understand the end of our planet’s climate system in helpful detail. Receipt-laden, it shows that West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has devoted his entire career in public service to keeping one particularly filthy power plant in operation, one that uses a low-grade coal mixed with clay called, poetically, “gob.”