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A Climate Change Double Whammy in the U.S. Corn Belt

By Marie Denoia Aronsohn

The United States Corn Belt includes western Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, eastern Nebraska, and eastern Kansas. The region has dominated corn production in the U.S. since the 1850s, accounting for more than a third of the global supply of corn. It is also the world’s largest source of soybeans…


In Florida and elsewhere, GOP pressured over climate change

By Bobby Caina Calvan

Two-thirds of Americans are willing to pay more for everyday items made out of environmentally sustainable materials instead of single-use plastic, according to a survey from PBS NewsHour and Marist Poll.


Most Americans See Local Effects of Climate Crisis and Say Government Needs to Respond, Research Shows

The salient reality of the climate crisis is undeniable to many Americans. We have seen record heat waves from Alaska to Mississippi, record flooding, beaches closed…


Running on Green New Deal, Virginia Democrats Take Full Control of State Government for First Time in Decades

By Jake JohnsonThe Virginia Democratic Party took full control of the state government for the first time in nearly three decades Tuesday night by winning majorities…


States Blocking Climate Action Hold Residents Who Suffer the Most From Climate Impacts

The states that do the most to discourage climate action and encourage dirty energy are the states whose residents are suffering the most from climate impacts,…


From Apple to wineries, California companies turn to solar amid outages

By Marie C. Baca Photo: Apple

As climate change threatens to make power outages more frequent, California businesses are turning to solar-powered systems to protect their operations when the lights go out


Miami Beach declares a climate emergency

By Alex Harris Photo: Mickey Adams

Miami Beach has declared a climate emergency, thanks to the advocacy efforts of Miami youth climate advocates. They see it as a victory, and a first step toward convincing the city to do more to slow carbon emissions and climate change.


The Northeast US has a carbon-trading system. It is boosting, not hurting, state economies.

Virginia Gov.-elect Ralph Northam has backed a bill that would have his state join RGGI. | Win McNamee/Getty Images RGGI is a net economic benefit for every state involved. Earlier this month, Pennsylvania’s governor announced his state was moving to join the Northeast’s carbon market, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. In 2018, we explained how […]


Climate Change Is Happening on the East End

By Alisha Steindecker Photo: Kevin McAllister

The flooding on sunny days on Dune Road in East Quogue or the harmful algal blooms found in Georgica Pond in Wainscott or Lake Agawam in Southampton are no accident. The earth is warming, and it has impacts beyond warmer air temperatures, some experts agree.