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The U.S. may soon export more gas to the EU, complicating climate goals

By Halle Parker

To help wean Europe off Russian gas, the Biden administration wants to increase U.S. natural gas exports. But critics say that’s at odds with the president’s climate and environmental justice goals.


War in Ukraine poses environmental risk now and in the future, advocates say

By Vanessa Montalbano Photo: Efrem Lukatsky , AP

Good morning! This is Vanessa Montalbano, the Climate 202 researcher, writing the top of the newsletter today. Below, a pipeline leak in Texas is estimated to have the same climate impact as the annual emissions of 16,000 cars. But first:


‘I don’t see the evidence yet’ of stronger climate pledges, Kerry says

By Brady Dennis

President Biden’s top climate envoy on the need to act more urgently, the promise of innovation and why protecting the oceans matters.


Polar science threatens to crack under strain of Russia’s war in Ukraine

By Alison Snyder and Andrew Freedman Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Crucial scientific projects in the Arctic are in limbo — and their progress is under threat — as Russia becomes more isolated from the world for its invasion of Ukraine. Why it matters: These research collaborations provide key insights about the effects of climate change, the health of the oceans and geology — and they underpin cooperation among the U.S., Russia and others in the geopolitical hotspots of the Arctic and Antarctica.


The new IPCC report was delayed as scientists debated carbon capture

By Ciara Nugent Photo: Getty Images—Abstract Aerial Art

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions to prevent the worst of climate change would be relatively cheap and technologically feasible, but governments and financial bodies are failing to do so as they continue to prop up the fossil fuel industry. That’s the conclusion of a landmark report published Monday by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).


Australian state utility picks Tesla batteries to back up renewable energy

By Reuters Photo: Tingshu Wang , Reuters

A state-owned utility in Australia has picked Tesla Inc's (TSLA.O) Megapack batteries for a A$150 million ($113 million) energy storage project to back up wind and solar power, the state government of Queensland said on Wednesday.


Opinion: We’re in a fossil fuel war. Biden should say so.

By Farhad Manjoo Photo: Jessica Lutz for The New York Times

On one hand, it would seem uncontroversial to point out that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a war enabled and exacerbated by the world’s insatiable appetite for fossil fuels. It couldn’t not be so: Russia is a petrostate — its economy and global influence are heavily reliant on its vast reserves of oil and natural gas — and Vladimir Putin its petromonarch, another in a line of unsavory characters whom liberal democracies keep doing business with because they’ve got something we can’t live without.


U.N. secretary general says global climate target ‘is on life support’

By Brady Dennis Photo: Alastair Grant/AP

‘The science is clear. So is the math,’ António Guterres said Monday, imploring world leaders to act with more urgency to cut the greenhouse gas pollution fueling climate change.


Nations Should Conserve Fuel as Global Energy Crisis Looms, Agency Warns

By Catrin Einhorn and Lisa Friedman Photo: Patrick T. Fallon , Getty Images

The war in Ukraine is setting into motion the first global energy crisis of its kind, and nations around the world should respond by reducing their use of oil and gas, the leader of a key international organization warned on Friday.


How the War in Ukraine Could Slow the Sales of Electric Cars

By Jack Ewing and Stephen Gandel Photo: Maxim Babenko , The New York Times

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shaken the global market for nickel just as the metal gains importance as an ingredient in electric car batteries, raising fears that high prices could slow the transition away from fossil fuels.