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Europe Rethinks Its Reliance on Burning Wood for Electricity

By Lois Parshley Photo: Miguel Riopa , Getty Images

A controversial European Union policy called the Renewable Energy Directive drove this transition by counting biomass — organic material like wood, burned as fuel — as renewable energy and subsidizing its use. A trans-Atlantic industry developed, logging American forests and processing the material into pellets, which are then shipped to Europe. But critics have long argued that the subsidies actually have few climate benefits and should be scrapped.


Floods, fires, coral bleaching: Politicians leading the country to climate catastrophe

By Christiana Figueres

There’s no gentle way to say this. Australia’s climate ambition has for years been well at the back of the pack globally. Since the unfortunate repeal of Australia’s last significant climate policy back in 2014, Australia’s decarbonisation efforts have languished, and its emissions reduction targets are broadly consistent with about 3 degrees of catastrophic global warming.


Do not use Ukraine war to defer climate goals, warns Mark Carney

By Kalyeena Makortoff Photo: Yui Mok , PA

The former Bank of England governor said he recognised the impact sanctions on Russia were having on global energy supplies and the cost of living, but added that governments could not afford to derail climate progress that could help achieve the 1.5C limit on global heating.


Putin has not wrecked Glasgow Climate Pact – John Kerry

By Glenn Campbell Photo: OLI SCARFF

Russia’s invasion has “presented a challenge” in the battle against global warming but could be overcome, he said. Large reductions in carbon emissions are required if temperature rises are to be kept below 1.5C.


Brazil is gaslighting its way to a climate misinformation catastrophe

By Robert Muggah and Mac Margolis Photo: Andre Penner , AP

Brazilians know all about fake news. Digital hucksters have attacked the integrity of Brazil’s electronic voting system, baselessly accused adversaries of “teaching” homosexuality in the classroom and promoted faith-based covid-19 treatments, all with a nod and a wink from the presidential palace. Now the social media mobs, with the blessings of Brazil’s “cabinet of hate,” are trolling the world’s largest tropical rainforest.


Europe’s quest to replace Russian gas faces plenty of hurdles

By Clifford Krauss Photo: Jessica Lutz for The New York Times

Russia’s natural-gas supplies have become a tool of leverage in its conflict with Europe over the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And the stakes are high for Europe, which relies on Russia for 40 percent of the gas that warms and lights its homes and businesses.


Can Europe survive without Russian oil? Nuclear power may be key

By Joanna Gill

Christophe Collignon, mayor of Huy – whose skyline and history are dominated by the Tihange nuclear plant – said most people in the medieval city in eastern Belgium welcomed the decision to extend the ageing reactor’s life until 2035.


Record heat in India and Pakistan is a wake-up call

By Julia Kane Photo: XAVIER GALIANA / AFP via Getty Images

A record-shattering heat wave is devastating parts of India and Pakistan, putting more than a billion people at risk and unleashing a surge of related problems. For decades, experts have warned that climate change would make heat waves like this more frequent and more intense — a prediction now playing out in real time.


European Union takes a leap with a Russian oil embargo

By Matina Stevis-Gridneff Photo: Nikolay Doychinov/Agence France-Presse

The ban, once seen as unlikely, is a significant tightening of the squeeze on Russia’s economy, and a financial blow to Europe, too.


The U.S. may soon export more gas to the EU, complicating climate goals

By Halle Parker

To help wean Europe off Russian gas, the Biden administration wants to increase U.S. natural gas exports. But critics say that’s at odds with the president’s climate and environmental justice goals.