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Analysis: U.S. House Republican farm bill approach may test Biden hunger, climate goals

By Leah Douglas Photo: Dane Rhys, Reuters

U.S. President Joe Biden’s pledges to slash emissions from farming and to end American hunger by 2030 may be harder to realize now that Republicans flipped the House of Representatives with a thin majority.
Biden’s Democrats, who retain control of the Senate, will start negotiating in the coming months with Republican House leaders over a massive farm spending bill passed every five years that funds U.S. public food benefits and farm commodity programs.


What the unusual midterm elections mean for climate action

By Coral Davenport and Lisa Friedman Photo: Kenny Holston

A split Congress makes it unlikely that Republicans will undo Biden’s climate legislation, but they’re likely to try to slow it. There may also be room for agreement on infrastructure….


5 energy, environment issues in bull’s-eye for House GOP

By Jeremy Dillon Photo: Francis Chung, E&E News

Republicans clinched a narrow House majority Wednesday night, and executive agencies are now bracing for a flood of GOP-led oversight inquiries into Biden administration energy and environment decisionmaking.
Republican lawmakers have made clear which policies and people they want investigated. For nearly two years, GOP committee chairs have fired off dozens of letters to agencies seeking information. Republicans will now have subpoena power to demand cooperation.


Democrats keep control of the Senate with win in Nevada

By Hannah Knowles and Others Photo: Melina Mara, The Washington Post

Democrats were projected to retain control of the Senate on Saturday, clinching a narrow majority as they showed strength in battleground races in a daunting midterm year that handed President Biden a major victory as he looks to his next two years in office.


Weak GOP Performance in Midterms Blunts Possible Attacks on Biden Climate Agenda, Observers Say – Inside Climate News

For weeks, some Republicans have been preparing to wield control of Congress as a cudgel against President Joe Biden’s climate and clean energy agenda. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.), in line to become chair of the…


Ed Markey: I’ll Organize Senate Dems to Demand World Bank Chief be Fired!

By Bill McKibben

Amid the general chaos and tension of this climate summit—exacerbated by the fact that Joe Biden is speaking today—I sat down for a quiet twenty minutes with Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey. He’s arguably done as much as any person in these halls to reinvigorate the climate fight, for it was the Green New Deal that he and and AOC introduced that eventually—shrunken and warped by Joe Manchin—emerged as the Inflation Reduction Act; without its passage this fall, this COP would be a much less hopeful place.


Every election is a climate election. The midterms were no exception

By Sammy Roth Photo: Susan Walsh, Associated Press

The last time Democrats tried to pass a major climate bill in Congress, it was so unpopular that a Democratic Senate candidate in West Virginia — a guy by the name of Joe Manchin III — ran a TV ad where he literally shot a hole through the bill.


The Nation’s Youngest Voters Put Their Stamp on the Midterms, with Climate Change Top of Mind

By By James Bruggers, Darreonna Davis, Delaney Dryfoos Photo: Giorgio Viera

Maxwell Alejandro Frost, a 25-year-old community organizer, has become the first member of Generation Z elected to Congress after winning a House seat in Florida’s 10th Congressional District.


Clean Energy Is Booming. Now Here’s the Bad News

By Mitch Jones

When it comes to building more clean energy, there’s good news all around. New wind and solar generation surged 22 percent this year, which is part of a longer-term trend. Environment America found that the United States generated three times as much power from wind and solar as it did in 2012. This shift is also global: A report analyzing data from dozens of countries finds that wind and solar account for most of the growth in new electricity generation.


House Republicans to push nuclear power, natural gas at COP27

By Maxine Joselow and Vanessa Montalbano Photo: Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call

House Republicans heading to the United Nations climate conference in Egypt plan to argue that nuclear power and natural gas are essential to meeting global climate goals, the head of the delegation said Monday, even as some climate activists criticize the two technologies.