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See How Far Water Levels in Lake Mead Have Fallen

By Winston Choi-Schagrin Photo: David Becker, Reuters

In 2000, Lake Mead was full of deep, midnight-blue water that flooded the banks of the rivers that fed it. But 20 years later, it has shrunken drastically. And its basins are lighter, too, almost teal in places, a sign of increasingly shallow waters connected by extraordinarily skinny canyons.


California deepens water cuts to cope with drought, hitting thousands of farms

By Ian James and Others Photo: Allen J. Schaben, The Los Angeles Times

California regulators have begun curtailing the water rights of many farms and irrigation districts along the Sacramento River, forcing growers to stop diverting water from the river and its tributaries.


Extreme heat and humidity kill thousands of cattle in Kansas

By Amy Cheng Photo: Christopher Smith , Washington Post

Thousands of cattle in Kansas have died in recent days due to high heat and humidity, dealing a blow to one of the country’s leading cattle production states as the industry grapples with extreme weather and rising production costs linked to the war in Ukraine.


These maps illustrate the seriousness of the western drought

By Kasha Patel and Lauren Tierney

Much of the West is already experiencing severe to exceptional drought, but scorching summer temperatures will dry out the parched landscape even more…


A Day Without Rain Is Like 22 Years In America’s Southwest

By Arthur Keith Photo: Raychel Sanner

The Southwest is melting down. Between the heat and lack of moisture, it’s become an inferno. This year is already worse than last year, which was a catastrophe. So should we call this catastrophe-plus?


Colorado River: Serving as the “lifeline of the Southwest”

Serving as the “lifeline of the Southwest,” and one of the most heavily regulated rivers in the world, the Colorado River provides water to 35 million people and more than 4 million acres of farmland in a region encompassing some 246,000 square miles.


Megadrought causes perilously low water levels at Lake Mead

The megadrought currently choking the western United States is the worst drought in the region in more than 1,000 years. It’s having an enormous impact across many states and on several major reservoirs including Lake Mead, a water source for millions of people in the West. Alex Hager, who covers the Colorado River Basin for Northern Colorado Public Radio, joins Geoff Bennett to discuss.


Las Vegas to save 10 billion gallons of water with new plan amid megadrought

Millions of people in southern California are facing new water restrictions thanks to a megadrought crippling the Southwest. But southern Nevada has been conserving water for years. The area’s latest move is to tear out all non-functional grass to save nearly 10 billion gallons of water. CBS senior environmental correspondent Ben Tracy reports.


Southwest megadrought pushes hydropower to the brink

By Jason Plautz Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

As the megadrought gripping the Southwest stretches into its third decade, energy providers are preparing for a future where hydropower is no longer a reliable renewable resource.