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The US just left the Paris climate agreement

By Umair Irfan Photo: Jonathan Raa
The United States left the Paris climate agreement on Wednesday, making the US the only country in the world to back out of the accord. But the next occupant of the White House will be…

U.S. Formally Exits Paris Climate Accord Amid Election Uncertainty

The United States formally exited the Paris Agreement on Wednesday, fulfilling a years-long promise by President Donald Trump to withdraw the world’s second-largest greenhouse gas emitter from the global pact to fight climate change.

U.S. Exits Paris Climate Accord after Trump Stalls Global Warming Action for Four Years

By Jim Daley Photo: T.J. Kirkpatrick Getty Images
The U.S.’s exit from the historic 2015 Paris climate agreement takes effect today, capping four years of President Donald Trump aggressively rolling back the Obama administration’s climate-change-mitigation policies. The acceleration of the country’s greenhouse gas…

The Election Outcome Will Make Sweeping Climate Action Harder

By Bill McKibben Photo: Eric Lee / Bloomberg
As the odometer turned over into Wednesday—not long before President Trump took to a White House stage to demand that vote-counting cease—the U.S. officially withdrew from the Paris climate agreement. The nation that has poured…

US to exit Paris accord whether Trump or Biden wins

By Rebecca Beitsch Photo: Getty
No matter the Election Day outcome, one thing is certain: The U.S. will officially leave the Paris climate accord on Wednesday. The withdrawal, set in motion with a letter from President Trump last year, means the U.S.…

What the US exiting the Paris climate agreement means

By Emily Holden Photo: Bloomberg
The world will be watching the US presidential election on Tuesday 3 November, but just 24 hours later is another hugely consequential news event when the US will formally leave the Paris climate agreement.