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Racism and Discrimination in the Oil and Gas Industry

By Justin Mikulka

With the recent focus on systemic racism in America, the oil and gas industry is depicting itself as leading on the issue of diversity in the workforce. However, its public relations efforts and slick advertisements do not reflect the industry’s actual behavior.


Environmental racism is killing Americans of color. Climate change will make it worse

By Mustafa Santiago Ali

We’ve turned a blind eye to a public health time bomb in already vulnerable communities “I Can’t Breathe” is echoing across the planet. Filled with anguish and pain, these haunting words are spotlighting the systemic racism that has infected unjust policing practices, putting black and brown communities in its crosshairs. As police take lives with […]


Liberal, progressive — and racist? The Sierra Club faces its white-supremacist history.

By Darryl Fears and Steven Mufson

The group is speaking out against John Muir, its founder and an environmental icon who fought to preserve nature and disparaged African Americans and Native Americans


Utility efficiency programs offer model to merge climate, racial justice solutions

By Kari Lydersen

Many states require utilities to help low-income customers conserve energy despite higher costs and barriers.


US climate activists confront the movement’s whiteness problem

By Chloé Farand

Coronavirus, Black Lives Matter and a Chevron slip-up highlight how environmentalism has failed black communities – and new models of activism are needed

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We don’t have to halt climate action to fight racism

By Mary Annaïse Heglar

The killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer lit a tinderbox of outrage that has been simmering for months, years, generations. That outrage has pulled Americans out of social isolation and into the streets in all 50 states, and inspired protests around the world. They show no sign of stopping. In fact, they show every sign of winning.


Minority areas already have high pollution. Trump’s coronavirus response makes it worse, critics say.

By Dino Grandoni

President Trump’s efforts to prop up the economy during the coronavirus pandemic may end up doing more harm than good for poor and minority neighborhoods facing chronic pollution, administration critics say.


Climate justice means justice for black lives

By 350 Canada

The work of dismantling white supremacy is critical to building a climate movement that is rooted in justice.


Hurricanes disproportionately harm communities of color. TV news ignores that fact.

By Emily Pontecorvo

Zero out of 669 news segments on major networks reported on the disproportionate impact of hurricanes on poor communities and communities of color….


Bill McKibben: Racism, police violence, and the climate are not separate issues

By Bill McKibben

Having a racist and violent police force in your neighborhood is a lot like having a pollution-emitting factory in your neighborhood….