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Next Year Is Forecast to Be One of the Warmest on Record

By Todd Gilespie Photo: Mario Tama , Getty Images
The world will probably have one of the warmest years on record in 2022, underscoring concerns about the need to tackle climate change.

Winter heat wave sets December records in four U.S. states, Canada

By Jason Samenow
Wednesday brought the warmest December weather on record in Washington state, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and Canada as a sprawling heat dome spread across western and central North America.

There’s a New Front in the War on Christmas

By Brian Kahn Photo: Joseph Prezioso , Getty Images
Climate change is the latest combatant in the war on Christmas. This summer’s record-smashing heat wave in the Pacific Northwest was an all-out assault on Christmas trees, and the impacts could reverberate not just this…

Extreme heat is one of the deadliest consequences of climate change.

By Genaro Molina
It was the hottest August on record in California. For more than three weeks in 2020, back-to-back heat waves settled over the Southwest, claiming dozens of lives and leaving tens of millions of people sweltering…

Climate change is supercharging California heat waves, and the state isn’t ready

By Tony Barboza, Anna M. Phillips, Paul Duginski Photo: Genaro Molina
When a major heat wave hits Southern California, it begins with a jab — a ridge of high pressure builds over Nevada or Mexico and sweeps into the region, bringing scorching temperatures along with it.

Rising Heat Is Making It Harder to Work in the U.S., and the Costs to the Economy Will Soar With Climate Change

By Ciara Nugent
Rising extreme heat will make it increasingly hard for workers to do their jobs, shaving hundreds of billions of dollars off the U.S. economy each year. That’s according to a report published Tuesday by the…

The Pacific Northwest, Built for Mild Summers, Is Scorching Yet Again

By Mike Baker and Sergio Olmos Photo: Tojo Andrianarivo
Road crews sprayed water on century-old bridges in Seattle on Thursday to keep the steel from expanding in the sizzling heat. In Portland, Ore., where heat has already killed dozens of people this summer, volunteers…

Pacific Northwest Bakes Under More Searing Heat

By Molly Taft Photo: Gillian Flaccus , AP
The Pacific Northwest is enduring searing heat at the end of this week, a little over a month after multiple days of record-breaking temperatures killed hundreds of people in the region.

Heat wave blasts U.S. with 150 million Americans under alerts

By Matthew Cappucci and Jason Samenow
Two unforgiving heat waves are roasting opposite corners of the Lower 48, prompting the issuance of heat alerts for more than 150 million people.Excessive-heat warnings or heat advisories stretch nearly 1,500 miles, and some of…

The Climate Crisis

The febrile summer of 2021 hammers home what we know and what we don’t about climate change. It can be summed up in two paragraphs, neither of which is comforting. 1. We understand about how much…