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Real-life climate disasters are mirroring doomsday myths—and that’s worse than you think

By Jeremy Deaton Painting by Giovanni Maria Bottala
The last year or so has seen a spate of landmark climate change reports that lay out an apocalyptic vision of the future, a vision that is already starting to take shape as rising temperatures…

Trump Second Term = Bad News For Environment, Climate

By Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr
Dear EarthTalk: Why are environmentalists so scared of Donald Trump winning a second term?

The Unraveling: Five Predictions for the Decade the Climate Comes Undone

By Deborah Knuckey Photo by Deborah Knuckey
The 2020s will be the decade where things really come undone. As we enter the decade, the most severe bushfires in history are tearing through Australia, forcing thousands of holidaymakers to spend New Year’s Eve…

The future is now: How oil and gas companies can decarbonize

By Allison JoyceBy Chantal Beck, Sahar Rashidbeig
As the pressure to act on climate change builds, the industry should consider a range of options.