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Texas Power Outages Map

Customers Tracked: 12,413,164
State Outages: 185,983
Last Updated: 2/19/2021, 06:27:40 PM
ERCOT: Level 3 Alert – ERCOT is asking consumers to conserve energy.


A Glimpse of America’s Future: Climate Change Means Trouble for Power Grids

By Brad Plumer

Systems are designed to handle spikes in demand, but the wild and unpredictable weather linked to global warming will very likely push grids beyond their limits.


White House Adviser Says Texas Outages Show How U.S. Is Unprepared For Climate Change

By H.J. Mai

The extreme weather conditions in Texas, where a winter storm has caused widespread power outages, should serve as a reminder that climate change is real and the United States not fully prepared to deal with its impact, said White House homeland security adviser Liz Sherwood-Randall on Thursday.


Chris Hayes debunks GOP, right-wing media lies about Texas power outages

“It is just a lie that wind turbines, ‘green energy’ are the root causes of the problems in Texas right now,” says Chris Hayes, discussing the right wing attempt to turn Texas power outages into a culture war.


Texas blackouts show how vulnerable power grid is to climate change

By Emma Newburger

Power outages in Texas from the winter storm reveal a broader crisis: Climate change is fueling more frequent and destructive weather disasters that are overwhelming existing U.S. infrastructure


Texas’ grid operator wants to bring relief by making power outages consistently shorter — but might not be able to Wednesday

By Cassandra Pollock

ERCOT’s CEO and president told reporters Wednesday he’s optimistic that the state’s grid will start to see some of the power it has lost return as temperatures warm up.


No, Wind Farms Aren’t the Main Cause of the Texas Blackouts

By Dionne Searcey

The state’s widespread electricity failure was largely caused by freezing natural gas pipelines. That didn’t stop advocates for fossil fuels from trying to shift blame. As his state was racked by an electricity crisis that left millions of people without heat in frigid temperatures, the governor of Texas took to television to start placing blame.



The climate is drunk again

By Emily Atkin

Remember when the term “polar vortex” went viral? It was January of 2014, and parts of the U.S. were colder than Mars. In Minnesota, temperatures reached negative 35 degrees, and in Texas it was 21. Overall, more than a third of the country experienced below-zero temperatures, and every single state dipped below-freezing—even Hawaii. At least 21 people died from the cold.