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The ‘Old American Dream,’ a Trap as the Floods Keep Coming

By Rick Rojas Photo: Tamir Kalifa
In her kitchen, Juanita Hall routinely found opossums staring back at her from the cage trap she kept under the table. In one room, the flooring had simply washed away. The door to the back…

Cartoonists – left, right, and center – have their say on Texas freeze and power outage

By Michael Svoboda
Winter may still have a surprise or two in store for us, like the four feet of snow that fell in the Rockies last week. Odds are, however, that the polar vortex of 2021* –…

Moniz: Texas blackouts show need to protect infrastructure against climate change

By Zack Budryk
Former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz on Monday told lawmakers that recent extreme weather events in Texas underscored the need to better incorporate climate change risks into energy infrastructure. “Climate change means that the weather patterns…

Frozen Gas Lines, Not Wind Turbines, Behind Texas Power Woes

By Renee Jiang
As Winter Storm Uri wreaked havoc on the American Midwest this past February with bitter cold snow, entire power grids shut down and states like Texas faced a crisis like never before. Conservative politicians put…

Tomlinson: Texas Blackout sparks interest in generators to keep power on, fight climate change

By Chris Tomlinson Photo: Brett Coomer, Houston Chronicle / Staff photographer
Texas businesses and homeowners are scrambling to buy back-up generators following last month’s Texas Blackout, calculating the benefits will outweigh the costs the next time a polar vortex pays a visit.

The $16 Billion in Texas Power Overcharges? Monitor Says Only $3.2 Billion Can Be Undone

By Russell Gold and Katherine Blunt Photo: Ron Jenkins/Getty Images
Only a fraction of the $16 billion in Texas electricity overcharges stemming from last month’s blackouts can likely be recovered for consumers by attempting to reverse the charges, an independent market monitor said Thursday. The…

The Rise Of Wind Power In The U.S.

In the past decade, wind power capacity has tripled, and it’s projected to double in the decades to come. Wind is now America’s top renewable source of electricity generation, and the domestic offshore industry is…

Media reaction: Texas ‘deep freeze’, power blackouts and the role of global warming

By Josh Gabbatiss and Robert McSweeney
Last week, a blast of Arctic air engulfed much of the central US, bringing freezing conditions and record low temperatures to many states. Texas, in particular, has been badly affected, with grid operators hit by…

The Simple Lesson of the Texas Blackouts

By Editorial Board
The details of what went wrong in Texas this week — most likely the biggest forced blackout in U.S. history — will take time to establish. So will exactly what to do about it.