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Oregon delegation seeks federal funding for Port

By David Rupkalvis Photo: David Rupkalvis

Six of Oregon’s seven Congressional members are going to bat to bring in funding to help the Port of Coos Bay bring a container facility to Coos Bay.


Race to the bottom: How big business took over Oregon’s first protected aquifer

By Emily Cureton Cook Photo: Emily Cureton Cook , OPB

The warnings were hard to miss on a forsaken stretch of Highway 26 in Eastern Oregon. A sign reading “Travel at own risk” clung upside down to a weather-beaten post. A private driveway forewarned: “If you haven’t been invited into our ranches, you are not welcome.”


Avista sues over Oregon’s ‘Climate Protection Program’

By Newsroom Staff

Late last year, Oregon’s Environmental Quality Commission adopted rules establishing the CPP to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to address the effects of climate change. The regulations would apply to large stationary sources of natural gas, the transportation of fuels, and other liquid and gaseous fuels defined by the program.


Climate change results in projected shifts in plant hardiness zones

By Kym Pokorny

You visit the nursery, pick out a primo plant, come home, put it in the ground and wait for it to become a beautiful tree, shrub or perennial. Then spring arrives and it’s dead or floundering.


Portland planning bureau director departs with $195K severance amid climate change program problems

By Shane Dixon Kavanaugh

The head of the Portland agency tasked with tackling climate change and managing a massive clean energy program that’s both awash in cash and under scrutiny has accepted a six-figure severance to depart the agency.


How Oregon wine can survive climate change

By Pete Danko

Warming has transformed the Willamette Valley since its modern founding in the 1960s from a marginal region for wine grapes to one where “bad” vintages — wildfire smoke excepted, perhaps — are a rarity.


After two-year review, Oregon’s climate change strategy must be more aggressive, committee says

By Alex Baumhardt Photo: Bob White , Flickr

The Oregon Climate Action Plan Steering Committee is made up of environmental, labor, public health and youth and community groups such as Renew Oregon, the Oregon Public Health Association and the Eugene-Springfield branch of the NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.


Recent projections for climate change push Medford’s climate adaptation plan forward

By Tyler Ridgle

Medford has been working on its Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Plan since early 2022. One planning committee member is helping the city understand what next steps should be taken to adjust to the climate, based on research of historic climate trends.


Climate change becomes latest threat to embattled Oregon spotted frog

By Michael Kohn

Dams in the Deschutes River, along with the canals that siphon water away from it, have sent Oregon spotted frog numbers in decline for decades. Now scientists worry that Oregon’s megadrought could be making things worse for the frog.


Climate experts predict ‘tough times’ ahead as drought conditions continue

By Monica Samayoa Photo: Erik Neumann , JPR News

Climate experts from Oregon, Washington and Idaho shared an update on Thursday that shows about 74% of the Pacific Northwest is seeing drought conditions with 18% of the region experiencing exceptional drought. They predict the drought conditions this summer will be even worse than they were the last two years, in which the Northwest saw withering crops, dying fish and empty water wells.