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‘Volatile place.’ New laws thwart Ohio renewables

By Jeffery Tomich Photo: Shannon Stapleton , Reuters

The battle to control Ohio’s energy mix has been noisy and partisan since 2008, when the Legislature adopted an alternative energy standard.


Amendment could bolster county position on proposed large solar array farm

By London Bishop

A land use amendment could bolster the commissioners' position with the Ohio Power Siting Board (OSPB) as they consider approving a controversial utility-scale solar facility in Greene County.


Could it happen here? Ohio officials discuss deadly Tennessee flooding

By Dean Narciso Photo: Andrew Nelles , The Tennessean

As the tragic images emerged of homes splintered and swept away, cars stacked like toys and families grieving human loss in a small Tennessee community, Ohio emergency management directors watched in horror.


What A Changing Climate Means For Ohio’s Agriculture Industry

By Ann Fischer Photo: Jean Beaufort , Public Domain Pictures

Scientists in early August released a dire report, dubbed a “code red for humanity” by the United Nations, which unequivocally states that humans are causing climate change.


Climate change on the Great Lakes has coastal communities bracing for higher water

By Peter Krouse

 Great Lakes coastal communities are wondering if their shoreline infrastructure will survive another round of record high water.


Dangerous summer heat in Columbus and Ohio predicted to worsen as climate changes

By Ben Orner

It’s not the heat or the humidity. It’s the combination of the two that will turn Columbus summers stifling, dangerous and unrecognizable as our planet heats up in the coming decades.


Energy Efficiency Incentives Could Return Under Ohio Bill

A bipartisan bill in the Ohio Legislature would once again allow power companies to offer energy efficiency programs such as smart thermostats or appliance rebates.


‘Building back better,’ if done right, will boost Ohio jobs, address climate change: Dan Troy

Photo: Joel Bissell

Following through on one of President Biden’s key campaign promises to beef up American infrastructure, the U.S. Senate voted last week to move forward with a bipartisan infrastructure bill. While there is still plenty of work to be done, this $1 trillion deal will pump $550 billion into transportation, such as roads, bridges, passenger and freight rail, and public transit. The plan also dovetails with the administration’s strong commitment to combating climate change, promising to “build back better” as we generate not only jobs, but also meaningful environmental benefits.


Inside Clean Energy: Ohio Shows Hostility to Clean Energy. Again

By Dan Gearino Photo: Justin Merriman , Getty Images

A new Ohio law solidifies the state’s reputation for stifling clean energy industries. And the law may well be an economic development victory for places that stand to gain projects Ohio chases away.


‘Building back better,’ if done right, will boost Ohio jobs, address climate change: Dan Troy

By Andrea Germanos Photo: Kevin Dietsch , Getty Images

Amid a sustained push for the inclusion of a Civilian Climate Corps in federal infrastructure legislation, the Sunrise Movement on Monday rolled out a new tool showcasing the potential for over 15 million jobs that simultaneously tackle economic inequality and the climate crisis.